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Can high blood platelets cause increased bug bites?

So I like kayaking and swimming in our local lakes in Colorado.  I have O blood type. I release a lot of CO2 I’m sure because I love to sweat, get my HR up, and run my mouth. I also love beer while outdoor adventuring. I know these are all things that make me a tasty target. But since I was diagnosed with elevated platelets ( had this prolem for last 5 years, my docs say no cause for worry) I swear I am bitten more. My family members will complain of a few bites while I’m covered in horsefly and mosquito bites. I love camping and enjoying the great outdoors. Even deet ( yes I know it’s awful) barley helps me! They’ll just bite the part I didn’t spray :(
Ps also a medical marijuana pt and use daily in last 3 years. Could that contribute as well? I just need answers!
Lol thanks guys!
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Don't know what it is, but it's not the platelets.  Mosquitoes don't know you have that.  My wife and I are like candy to mosquitoes, while our neighbors sit outside in our mosquito infested part of the country without a bite.  We'll never know why.  I have to wear insect repellent and long pants in the heat and humidity while my neighbor does it in shorts and no shirt.  We'll never know why.  Some say they like sugar, but carbon dioxide seems to the their main thing.  Mosquitoes are bad fliers with not a whole lot of genetic gifts other than survival.  I've found, by the way, that concentrated lemon eucalyptus, a different repellent, works pretty well, and there's another one as well if deet isn't your cup of tea.  They're all toxic to an extent, because they have to be to work.  The natural ones don't work well or very long.  Also, instead of spraying, try using the lotion, it allows for more exact application, but if anything really worked mosquitoes would all be extinct, right?  They adapt.  
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Sorry, meant to say I do the yardwork in long pants etc.
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