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Do I have an abcess and is it spreading?

On May 28 I injected my left felt with 1ml of testosterone enanthate. Over the course of a few days it got hard and a bit painful and hot to the touch. My family and I were headed on vacation so I tried to ignore the pain. It seemed to subside until one day on vacation I worked out at our resort and this caused my shoulder to become more painful. I tried a hot shower on it and massaged it. The next day it was purple like bruised. I got some amoxicillin prescribed the next day and took it for 5 days. The purple seemed to go away there is barely a slight discoloration remaining today. I went to my Dr June 14 because the pain seemed to come back. Seems like each day it is going further down my arm.  I did not tell him of my testosterone usage. He ordered a series of labs checking wbc t4 tag complete metab and lipid. I am just concerned that the infection may be spreading please help!!!
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Please seek medical attention immediately.  No one here can diagnose you or even guess what is going on, but if it is a spreading infection, it requires urgent medical attention.  And, you must be honest with your doctor.
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You went to your Doctor and don't mention that you injected yourself with testosterone enanthate!!
Why bother going to the doctor if you don't speak up? GO back and tell him what you did!!
I spoke to my Dr this morning and he said all labs came back normal. I asked so this means I don't have an infection and he said no. So I don't know.. I still have some pain in my left arm
You didn't state if you told the Dr.
that you used testosterone!
I assume you didn't! If you didn't
then why?
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Well, obviously because it's an illegal drug when not dispensed by prescription, which this obviously wasn't.  The labs should have shown excess testosterone, so it's odd if your doc doesn't know, and I would think a doctor recognizes an injection and the problems that can accompany one.  They see an awful lot of injections.  I'm guessing the doc has figured this out but doesn't really care that much, he's more concerned with the infection.  Methinks the lesson here is, get the infection fixed and stop taking steroids -- they're not good for you in the long run anyway.  Get your muscles the natural way -- work for them.
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