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Exercise and wanting to eat more?

It seems like a pretty common issue- you start exercising and after exercise, you start wanting to eat more.  How doe you manage increasing your activity while not increasing your calorie intake?  Is it ok to start eating a little more as your activity increases?  
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This is contrary to how exercise affects most people -- it actually tends to reduce appetite in most of us.  It also uses up time we might have sat around noshing.  That sometimes messes people up, however, because as you increase exercise you actually do need more nutrition -- not necessarily more calories, but more nutrition-dense foods.  I don't know how much exercise you've added, but if it's resistance training, more protein is usually needed, but that doesn't mean steaks.  It could just mean nuts or seeds or fish or legumes or for those in a hurry, protein concentrates -- protein helps your muscles recover from the exertion and if you want bigger muscles, it helps with that as well.  But you don't need more protein if you're doing cardio or walking -- for that, you usually need more complex carbs such as brown rice for slow burning energy so you don't run out of gas.  And you need extra colored veggies, such as green leafy ones, and some fruits such as bananas and apples to provide antioxidants and electrolytes to protect your body from the extra burden of increasing energy output.  But again, feeling hungrier isn't the same as needing more nutrients, and most people feel less hungry when they start exercising.  
We also usually mistake the feeling of hunger for thirst.  If you are feeling hungry I would recommend either drinking more fluids or if u have a high metabolism start eating little bits of healthy small portions every couple hours to keep your hanger pains in check. Just keep in mind the kind of snacks and things you are eating. Make sure they are nutrient dense
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Maybe it is psychological but I do want to eat more when I exercise.  I call it working up an appetite.  ha
It depends on how much you eat and how often, I think, and how hard you exercise and how old you are.  When you're young, every exertion makes us hungry.  When you're older, exercise is advised because it actually reduces appetite.  But if you don't overeat and really need the fuel, your body will get hungry.  So Mom, maybe you just take such good care of yourself you just need the fuel!
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When you do this you will increase your body weight as you building up the muscle from the sport, but you also increase the body fat from increased food intake.
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