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I'm 16 and a couch potatoe. Any ideas of exercises I could do
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I started with 5 minutes a day and now has extended to 40 minutes.  Start with one simple change.  
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Try looking up your favorite TV show or movie and then work out afterwards there's many online and they're kind of fun to do and they make you feel better for rewatching an entire season
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Google it-tons on the internet!
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Body weight exercises like push ups, body squats, pull ups and dips.
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A conservative approach for stqrters might be:  More upright time (on your feet), less couch time.  Find reasons to up and about rather than sitting around (could your parents use some help with the housekeeping?  that's an excellent way to become seriously active).    

Walk don't ride whenever practical and safe.  Did you know?  Walking burns five times as many calories as bicycling per mile travelled?

Develop an attitude of looking not for the easy way to do things, but the more challenging way (eg. use the stairs instead of escalators and elevators).
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you need motivation ...arrange therapy sessions ...
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