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HCG injections/inability to lose weight ???????

I started HCG injections in Dec.2006 and lost 8 pounds....then 2 pounds in Jan......then only 2 pounds in Feb............everyone seems to be having GREAT results with these injections and a diet pill and I am not having the same results....so my Dr. did a thyroid test and it came back perfectly normal.....Has anyone experienced these type of results with the HCG injections......I can't get my Dr. or anyone to give me any real answers as to why I am not able to lose weight.....I eat very healthy......high protein/low carb.....and walk 3 miles daily and just started working out at a gym....but not long enough to have built up "muscle" yet.....Any suggestions????????? I am not obsessed with losing weight anymore.....I am obsessed with my inability to lose weight now......HELP!
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I'm really glad to hear that I'm not the only person that feels like they are failing with this. I have been on it since Feb. 10th and have only lost 15 pounds and I've been at that for the last 2 weeks.  
I stay under by 1000 calories and walk 2 miles a day also. I don't know what the magic tool is for everyone else but I sure wish I could find it too.
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I think that 15 pounds since Feb. is great !!!!!  Why do you think that you are failing?  How much weight are you trying to lose?  What state do you live in.......the reason that I am asking is that I have been reading on Hcg injections and other people (in different states) are getting HIGHER doses than myself...........and I was just wandering if I am needing a higher dose than I am receiving ????? If you find out any other info about this, please let me know.......and I will do the same.....Thanks !
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I am NC. I wanted to lose 40 pounds but my doctor wants me to shoot for 60----b/c that is what "the charts" say I should weigh..If I make it donw 40 then I will be completely happy with my results.
My shot are only 25 which i think is the lowest they give. I want to have mine increased but dont go back to the Dr. until May.
Good luck on your results....
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I started the injection back in March and lost alot of weight actually alot of inches. It has been about almost a month that I have not taken it. I feel like I have gain some weight on my thighs. I am thinking about getting back on it.
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Does anyone know if the pill works as good as the injection?
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Could you please send me the yahoo site you are speaking about?
Thank you for all the information you are passing along, it really helps.
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