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How can I lose 20 pounds

I want to lose 20 pounds..how can I lose it and see results..

also will replacing juice and soda with water help me to lose weight quickly while eliminating junk food..
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Yes, replacing junk with water will help you lose weight. Join a gym, work out. Or join a walking/running club. Running sheds lbs faster than anything I can think of. The only other thing is surgery, and it's expensive.

My answer is exercise and diet. Do some and change yours
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Hi love138,

I just finshed reading your comments. Soda, any kind, is not good for you.
Diet soda is particularly unhealthy. Most diet sodas have the ingredient
aspartame. Diet sodas also contain a lot of sodium and make you very
thirsty and they made me extra hungry. I stopped drinking sodas altogether.Some juice occasionally is okay. Drinking large amounts of
orange juice has a lot of sugar. Personally, I like to drink some juice at
times. My newest favorite is guava fruit juice. I drink a lot of water though
and it definitely helps with weight loss and helps prevent dehydration.
Try and eat a balanced diet, food from all the food groups. Watch your
portion control. Exercise is also important. Walking is actually one of the
best forms of exercise.. Try not to lose too much weight too quickly. About two pounds per week is a good amount. Good luck to you. Eve :)
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Thank you :)  going to start exercising and dieting this week...
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l'm not that big so surgery is not needed at all. I just want to lose 20 pounds while toning at the same time..thanks for commenting :)
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