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How can i increase my height?

I am 19 years old and my height is 5'1".My weight is 48kg.My father height is 5'4" and mother height is 5'6".Is there any way so that i can increase my height upto 5'6"?
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No.  Your genes have decided this for you.  You can, however, accept yourself at whatever height you end up at.
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Taking synthetic growth hormone is one of the ways to gain height quickly, but these hormones are produced in the laboratory and they have certain side effects and can only be taken at a doctor's advice.
Where are you getting this?  Growth hormone doesn't increase height.  What it does is increase muscle tone and energy in those who are working out hard already.  It might help those with certain wasting conditions.  It might harm you.  But it doesn't make you taller.

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