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How to gain weight?

im 19 and female . 43kg weight and 5'8.5'' height.
I've been thin my whole life, people say its genetics but my parents arent that thin. I cant eat much, i get full so soon, i dont have an appetite. i really want to get fat. like soon. pls can someone help me get fat.
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Eat more dairy. Yogurt, cottage cheese, pudding or ice cream for snacks and desserts. Add cheese to every meal. Add shredded cheese into scrambled eggs, add cheese to a sandwich, mix cheese into soups and casseroles.
Add  healthy fats into foods. use nut butter on apples and banana slices or whole-grain crackers. Dip whole-grain bread in seasoned olive oil. Add oil-based dressing to baked potatoes, sandwiches and salads.
Instead of water, drink 100 percent fruit juice, milk or vegetable juice. Make a smoothie with full-fat yogurt or cottage cheese, fresh fruit, juice and a scoop of protein powder. Avocado will make your smoothie extra creamy and add a lot of healthy fat and calories.
When you eat a meal eat the highest calorie foods first before your stomach is full. Try eating five or six small meals per day.
About every three to four hours. Exercise helps to increase your apatite.

(426 calories)
1 1/3 cups cold whole milk
1 medium banana
1 tablespoon raw honey
1 tablespoon whey protein powder
1 cup crushed ice

(440 calories)
2/3 cup apple juice
2/3 cup pineapple coconut juice
1 medium banana
5 frozen strawberries
1 cup crushed ice

(430 calories)
1 1/3 cups orange juice
2 large scoops natural vanilla ice cream

If you go to my journal you can find a list of smoothies
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Why would you want to get fat?  Thin is healthy, fat isn't.  Thin people live longer and get fewer diseases.  If you just want to gain some weight, just eat more of the healthy food you already eat, assuming you eat healthy food -- adding a lot of dairy, for example, not only won't help you gain weight, as dairy has been shown to help with weight loss unless it's loaded with sugar, will just add a pro-inflammatory food that leaches magnesium out of your diet -- not the best way to go.  You always want to keep eating healthy meals no matter what your goal is.  Eating more sugar will certainly help you gain weight, but it will also promote disease, inflammation and rot your teeth out.  Trust me, you don't want that.  So again, just add another meal of the same healthy foods you already eat if you want to gain some weight and doing resistance training will make you gain muscle instead of fat, which is better.  But also again, thin is good.
Pax.  "dairy has been shown to help with weight loss"
Unfortunately, there have been studies recently that have shown this to not be the case.  Dairy foods are not responsible for people losing any additional weight.

People who  think they are lactose intolerant actually can drink raw milk and/or dairy kefir without a problem!  Because the live enzymes and bacteria in raw milk aid in the digestion of the lactose and the proteins in milk. These enzymes and  bacteria are destroyed in pasteurized milk, which makes it more difficult to digest.
This isn't actually true, Gym.  Raw milk still must have lactase to digest it, and only a couple tribes of people have it.  The rest of us don't.  This makes sense, as no other mammal consumes anything but mother's milk and only until weaning.  Lactose intolerance is only one of the many problems people have trying to force feed themselves with a food that adult mammals don't eat.  I agree that goat's milk or sheep's milk is better than cow, because a cow has a very odd digestive system whereas the others have systems more like humans.  I agree that yogurt, cheese and kefir are better than drinking milk.  I agree raw milk is better than pasteurized, but it can also kill you and it isn't readily available in most states.  But dairy is always considered pro-inflammatory.  As for the weight loss claim, I'm sure there are varying theories.  My wife lost a fair amount of weight eating lots of Greek yogurt, but I'm sure others wouldn't.  But the insidious nature of foods like beef, wheat and dairy is that you won't know if you're going to suffer from eating it until you're an adult and it's too late to undo it.  Since there's no need to consume it, eating it in moderation (I wouldn't tell anyone to never do anything, life does have to be enjoyed) or even just once in a awhile is the safest course.  Anyone gets to choose what they wish to eat -- it's not our place to decide that for anyone -- but it's not the best thing to tell people to eat things that might harm them when there are plenty of foods that most likely won't.
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Maybe you can try eating like every hour a fatty food.So for breakfast have like alot of chocolate biscuits with milk or tea.An hour later you can eat like an icecream.And so on...And for lunch you can go McDonalds or KFC or whatever and get a fatty meal.JUst try to eat as much as you can and as fattening foods as you can. Hope this helped
Again, telling someone to eat unhealthy foods just to gain weight isn't helpful -- it's not worth the trade-off.  Even if you want to gain weight, you should still do it by consuming health foods so you don't develop life-long bad habits that are much worse than being too thin.
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How do you know you have a thyroid disorder if it doesn't show up on tests?  There are very good tests that can be done, though doctors don't usually do them -- you often have to go to a holistic nutritionist to get all the hormones studied and insurance doesn't usually cover them.  But if you do have a thyroid problem, there are natural medicine alternatives that might work.  Obviously, they differ whether you are hyper or hypo, but both have natural treatments.  No guarantee they'd work, but if they do, all the better.
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