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I can't squat with my knee

I love doing squats but, for about a year and half, i have not been able to perform this exercise because my left knee hurts. Each time I try to squat, there's a clicking sound in my left knee and, it hurts bad. As a result, even when I try, my right leg carries all the weight and, i don't feel the impact of the exercise on my quads. What can i do to remedy this situation or, how can i train my quads without squats?
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I have that same problem ever since I did dance competitions. I found that using a tape and taping method can help tremendously. I have even used a very secure brace and it relieved a lot of tension.
Thank you Sarah.I will certainly try that
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See a Dr to start to find out what might be wrong with your knee.
Thank you vance
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I suggest seeing your doctor!! I used to do interval running and I contribute
that to having both knees totally replaced.

If you're not going to the doctor then try the following!

Some herbal treatments for knee pain may be taken orally, while other herbs are applied topically in the form of a paste or cream. The cause of your knee pain largely dictates the type of herbs used. If you have knee osteoarthritis, for example, you may benefit from using boswellia, ginger, turmeric and white willow bark. Bromelain is believed to be an effective herbal remedy for soft tissue inflammation and pain relief. In her book "Herbal Medicine From the Heart of the Earth," naturopathic doctor and herbalist Sharol Tilgner notes that arnica, calendula and rue are particularly helpful for musculoskeletal injuries.

One of the most popular herbal treatments for knee pain is turmeric. According to Phyllis A. Balch, a naturopathic physician and author of "Prescription for Nutritional Healing," turmeric contains a substance called curcumin, which possesses anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving actions. Balch recommends a dose of 600 mg each day, although you should always talk with your doctor about appropriate dosage before using turmeric for your knee pain. Turmeric is also used as a seasoning and is the principal ingredient in curry powder.

Although not all knee pain is serious, certain knee injuries or medical conditions that cause knee pain can lead to joint degeneration and disability if they are not addressed in a timely and effective manner. Some of the leading risk factors for knee injury include excess weight, reduced muscle strength and participation in certain sports. A qualified health care professional can assess your knee pain and make helpful recommendations about lifestyle changes and treatment methods that may reduce your knee pain and allow you to perform your daily activities in a pain-free state.
Thank you gymdandee. Where I come from, turmeric is easily accessible so, I will try that as well. Plus, I heard turmeric is great for skin so, it's an added bonus.
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About 2 years ago, I started running for the reason to get fit. But suddenly I happened to get knee pain whenever I ran or just walked. I thought that it was a sign of me doing something wrong when I run. I tried changing my shoes, but that didn't work. Finally, I had to go for a knee pain treatment at Physio Now Mississauga. The therapist there evaluated my knee. I was asked to wear a custom knee brace for a while. That helped a lot with pain. Now I'm not using the knee brace now but the pain has reduced to a great level.

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I don't recommend running! I used to do interval running now I'm not saying it was the only cause of my problem but I ended up having both knees totally replaced including the patella. That being said now no more running or jumping.
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