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I just can't find the motivation in me or the Internet to get up and go for a run! It like I feel so depressed, tired, sad, fat, lonely but I still can't get up and do something! Then I end up binge eat! WHAT DO I DO!
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You just need to stop making excuses for yourself, and just get up and go. Otherwise, you'll always come up with a reason not to. After you run, you'll feel a lot better about yourself. After a while, you will also start having more energy, and running/exercising also helps with depression.
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You need to see a professional and get on some anti depressants. A psychiatrist/psychologist will help you work through it and teach you how to manage your feelings. It's good to talk to someone who has an unbiased opinion
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Maybe running isn't your thing Miranda, I certainly know it isn't mine. Find something fun to do that burns calories, it may take longer to see and feel the difference but it will make a HUGE difference. I took up poi spinning with the intention of eventually being good enough to do fire poi, I can't put the stupid things down-- I love practicing and I'm burning tons of calories and I feel great-- that has given me the motivation to do regular exercises that are way less fun.

As for the binges, do the food journal. Believe me, any temptation to binge flies right out the window when you remember that you have to enter in the nutritional values for *everything*

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