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Quad strain vs labral tear?

About six weeks ago, I began to notice a dull ache in my left hip, anteriorly.  I continued to exercise because the pain went away after I warmed up. (I am 29 and exercise routinely with HIIT and strength training.). I have never had hip pain before, but I have had aches like this that have improved with rest and gradual return to my exercise routine.

I exercised fine for about two weeks with that dull, intermittent pain in my hip. But for about a month now, my hip pain has become very severe. I have been unable to exercise or do much stretching at all. I even bought a cane to help me hobble around! It is very, very bad after I’ve been sitting and I cannot abduct my hip without pain. I cannot walk upright and because of this, my left low back has become sore and strained.

I’ve been doing some deep massage to the quad origin muscles, because that seems to be the area where the sharp and stabbing pain originates. I cannot be too inactive though because I have two toddlers, who are quite demanding. Once I’ve been standing for a good long while, eventually my hip pain fades away and I’m able to get around without restrictions. But when I sit down and rest for a bit, the pain is back again.

Is there any way to tell if this is a muscle injury, a labral tear, something that needs surgery? Will this ever start to improve? What can I do?

I should also mention that I have Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, flexibility type, although it hasn’t caused me any obvious problems. I don’t have health insurance currently and I’ve already tried a Medrol Dosepak without any relief.

Thanks for ANY insights or suggestions. I’m having a really hard time with this!
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