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Tendent/muscle between knee and bottom leg

My knee and the tendet under it have been hurting me for like 3 months. It started after i slipped on the stairs and hit that exact spot under my knee. I wasn't really able to walk for like a week. Now its way better but it still hurts if i have to walk for a long time. It also lowers my squating limit and other weight lifting abilties. Im also limited to running. Im thinking of buying a Brace for it but i dont know it will work. So im just asking for some stretches and minor workouts for this place to make it stronger Or if u had any other suggestions
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hi i was cuttin a lock with a saw and i slipped and cut my hand right down to the bone i was wondering how do u no if u have broke a tendent
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The best recommendation I can give you is visit a physiotherapist or sports physiotherapist and get a diagnosis where you may or may not benefit from a brace for recovery. Depending on what the problem is you may need support for the knee in order to recover or rest time from working out. Please go visist a physiotherapist for a diagnosis.

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crushed hand bent fingers to far forward against irion gates finger @hand splint finger left to long by hospital finger droops tofar forward wont go back or straightern  ive been told its permantly damage i do know u can hav it opperated on      gwendoline
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