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Tingling in foot - post hamstring tear

I tore my hamstring in three places two years ago. Lots of rehab later I am finally able to jog again. Up until now have done other cross training or walking activities, and lots of stetching, rolling of the hamstring.

I started jogging three weeks agin, doing a Runners World training program of 5 weeks to a 5k. It is going fine, and while my leg is not 100% I have only minor pain, But....my foot on the leg with the tear gets pins and needles during the run and for a few hours later. Could this be nerve damage, something else? Should I be concerned enough to check with my doctor?  Any other thoughts?

thank you
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according to the description u gave this is not related to any nerve damage .you should consult for diabetes (that can be some recently developed ).another t.hing stop smoking if a smoker.advised to drink lots of fluids.
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Thank you for your thoughts.  All blood work normal including all diabetic tests (glucose 85) and was taken 3 weeks ago as part of annual exam. Never smoked. Weight is normal - bmi 22.  Age 52.  Blood pressure always normal. Drink at least 60-70 oz fluid a day. I really watch my health, so this is a mystery!
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I think it is a mineral deficiency. Very less doctors concentrate on this. Some people have deficiency with Magnesium, Calcium etc. Go for a diagnosis.
Take care!
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