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Using diet pill and losing quickly is this typical.

I weight 132lbs and 31years old. I purchased Slimquick Extreme 6 days ago and lost 7lbs. Has anyone tried this product already?
How much weight should someone safely lose in a week?
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It is not uncommon for one to lose 7 pounds in one week.  However, you have to watch what you eat, make sure you drink plenty of fluids, and avoid vitamin deficiency while on this diet.  You need to maintain a well balanced diet (3-5 small meals over the course of the day) to maintain a healthy metabolism.  Otherwise, once you stop dieting or stop the diet pills, the weight will stack right back on.  Keep an eye out for symptoms of fatigue or weakness, which can be attributed to nutrition/vitamin deficiency, or dehydration.
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The Original SlimQuick ROCKS!  

It was recommended to me by my Naturopath for lowering my estrogen levels which is one of the main reasons I could not loose weight no matter what i did!  It gave me engery, lovwered my appetite and helped me greatly with my depression!  I only took 2 (max 3 tablets) per day as that is all I needed!  

The new formulas with "Hoodia" are completely overhauled!  Nothing about them remained the same. What a mistake!  The availability of "Hoodia" in it's natural state is a finite, difficult to obatain and expensive when you actually can get it.  The "Hoodia" that is currrently being marketed in almost every diet aid out there is a synthetic version and does not even have the properties necessary for wieght loss!  It's all about marketing!

Bring back the old stuff!  And for those of you who can't read the directions, don't take more than you should!  DUH!  If necessary, break the tablets in half!  You'll get all the benefits AND save a ton of money to boot!  

Where can I find the old formula?  Does anybody know?!!!
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