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Wanna loose thighs fat

Hey , I m 19 years old girl living in India..
I m having weight of 69 kg.. n m 5.6 inch...
I am currently studying for medical examination so I have to sit for longer for studying..that's why I m get fatty.... I m having a large amount of fat deposition in my thigh area.. n little bit in belly...that make me look like a pear shape now... And to be honest now I m felling very depressed regarding this.. M nor having time to join a gym.. Now a days everyone told me to work on my body becoz of this lower portion..from one year everyone says this to me.. n now m start feeling depressed...please help me.. plz suggest me some exercises to loose this fat.. please help...
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Your main problem probably isn't exercise, it's your diet -- fat in the belly and thighs suggests you're eating too much simple carbohydrate, such as sugar, white flour, and the like.  When we consume a diet that is too high in foods that metabolize quickly into sugar, it usually stores as fat in the belly area first.  As for exercise, any exercise will help, as it will increase your energy output and burn off more of what you're eating.  Aerobic exercise can burn it off with less work, whereas resistance training can turn some of it into muscle.  Given your situation, it really doesn't matter what you do, you just need to start doing something, and you need to take a good look at your diet and see how you can change it -- one example would be eat roti, usually whole grain, rather than naan, white flour, just as an example.  The exercise will also give you more energy and focus for your studies.  If you truly truly don't have time and your medical exams are coming soon, you can start after you finish your exams.  The weight loss should be slow and steady, not using some extreme diet or uppers to speed it along -- permanent changes to your diet will make permanent changes to your metabolism and keep the weight off.  Good luck on your exams.
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I agree with paxiled.  I never believed this myself until recent years.  I would exercise and exercise but always maintained the same weight when I'd like to have weighed less.  Then a fitness instructor told me that most of our physique is our diet.  So, I cleaned up my diet.  That WITH exercise made the difference.  You do need to exercise though to stay toned, help with the weight control and overall health (heart, brain, everything is better with exercise).  So, first, think about your diet.  The first thing I did was think of trigger food or food that just added nothing that would make a difference if I cut it out.  I stopped drinking all pop/soda/coke.  I cut out sweets during the week (I have a sweet tooth), I cut out any type of convenience or fast food (which I love, bring on the greasy burger and fries!), and processed things like chips or crackers.  Once I did that, eating healthier overall was easier and things that didn't sound delicious before started to taste better.  And things that had a lot of sugar or salt didn't taste as good anymore. My palette literally changed.  (although I do still love a burger and fries but rarely have it).  Eat a salad where you'd have had something less healthy at lunch.  Every small change you make each day will add up.  

As to exercise, start by doing simple things . . . instead of an elevator or escalator, take the stairs.  Things like that.  And then set a goal.  Maybe 30 minutes of physical activity a day is realistic.  It doesn't have to be all at one time.  15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes at night or whatever.  And make it brisk activity---  go for a brisk walk, run in place, do jumping jacks, etc.  Whatever, just get your heart rate up.  I like music, I like to dance.  That's exercise (even if it isn't pretty to watch me do it).  I figure that every minute extra that I'm doing physical activity is more than I did yesterday so better for me.  When I was trying to run, I'd start at say a 15 minute run.  It felt like work.  It was hard. I'd increase it by ONE minute only and do that for a few days.  Then I'd increase it by another minute. Building up.  They always say though, when it comes to exercise, to find what you enjoy.  If you hate something, don't do it.  I loathe stationary bikes.  Not sure why but I feel every second painfully pass when on a stationary bike.  So, guess what?  I don't do it.  I have plenty of other options so I don't have to do the one I don't like.  I also try to life weights at least two times a week but for me, it's incorporated in an exercise class.  I like group fitness classes.  

So, you are busy in school but there has to be a few minutes in the day to exercise.  Do you have any buddies you can ask to be your work out partner?  You work out together or even just talk about it holding each other accountable?  That can help too.

Anyway, let us know how it goes!
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Thanks both of you...  I am really seeking for such type of appropriate response.... I'll start doing these exercise.. starting up with 15 mints. N will take care of mine diet too..
But if you will help me more , I'll be more heartedly thankful to you.m as I told you I m pretty busy in my studies.. will you plz make a diet chart..or help me how to make..? Please.. n what is this resistance training prgrm..
Which is more helpful to me resistance training or anything else..?? Or a 30 min running is enough to burn my fat or I need to do some squats or jumping jacks..?? Plz help
Resistance training is working against resistance -- lifting weights, using tension bands, even using your body weight as when you do push-ups.  A well-rounded exercise program, meaning doing different things, reduces the chance of overuse injuries and tones the body as well as helps reduce weight.  If you're starting from a point of no exercise at all, go slow in the beginning so you don't get hurt -- don't want to overdo it, but when you're doing nothing, anything you do will be good because it will be more than what you're doing now.  It's harder when you're already exercising, but since you're not, just start moving -- all movement will show.  As for diet, that's an individual thing -- people tend to do better with certain foods than others  do.  The only long-term rule is a balanced diet high in veggies and moderate fruit intake, complex carbs rather than simple ones, and enough protein to support what you're doing.  You live in India -- much of what we preach in the West comes from your country and your traditions.  Our relaxation techniques come from your meditation and yoga, our natural medicine comes in part from your ayurveda, so there's no reason you can't find great advice where you are.
And some of your worst new habits, such as eating potatoes and wheat all the time, comes from us.
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Honestly, for losing weight, I think cardio is better.  30 minutes of running or any intense cardio like jumping jacks is awesome!  When you have more time, you can get some light weights (like a 5 pound set) and add in weight lifting.  Bi cep curl, tri cep curl and chest fly to start.  For lets, if you do squats and lunges, that is using your body weight to strength train and create resistance.  My son does an intense strength conditioning class and they mostly use their own body weight.  Push ups are great.  So, you can add maybe 50 squats, 25 lunges per leg and start with 3 sets of 10 push ups 2 or 3 times a week and you've started strength training.  This will help boost your metabolism.  Add more later.  When you have the time.

Food, morning can be something like thin wheat toast with low sugar peanut butter on it, yogurt with fruit, oatmeal.  Lunch can be a salad.  Heavy on vegetables.  I started putting uncooked broccoli and cauliflower, red and green peppers, carrots in all my salads.  I add cabbage too.  Then my lettuce.  I might add some hard boiled egg for protein and light on dressing.  I may eat a low salt, light soup for lunch, etc.  I then have a dinner that I may cut myself some slack as I have a family and we all eat together and I may make one of their favorites but usually, I try to do a lean dinner such as a piece of fish, quinoa and a steamed vegetable.  Or I might make chicken breasts with a salad.  Or stuff peppers with a chicken black bean mixture and put low salt tomato sauce on it, baked peppers. When I was single and busy, I'd make a low fat/calorie soup and eat it for a few days.  Snacks are things like fruit or carrots and hummus, cut up whole wheat tortillas dipped in salsa or guacamole, etc.  

Just make some small changes and even that will add up!  Let us know how you are doing!
I think actually resistance training turns out to be better for losing weight, though I always thought cardio was better.  Gymdandee brought this up and as I recall it checked out.  But again, for me, I always felt cardio worked better.  Apparently, weight training releases something in the body that really does improve metabolism.  
I honestly need the cardio to do the job.  I do that on a regular basis with the resistance training thrown in.  I did it the other way around for a good long time and when I switched it, I had better ability to lose weight.  I do agree about metabolism affects with resistance training but I need my cardio.  
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Once again thanku so much...
But sorry , m having one more query... Actually I didn't know what type of exercises come under this cardio or resistance training prgrms. Will you again plz send me a link or note down .. what kind of exercises this prgrm have ..
It isn't a program.  There are millions of different forms of exercise.  Cardio is like running and bicycling, where you work your heart rate up and get out of breath.  Resistance training is working against weight, which can be weights, or your own weight, as when you do push-ups.  Many sports offer some of both.  Don't overthink it -- just get moving doing something you enjoy.
If you are at a university, there is likely a rec center or gym.  When I was in college, 2 million years ago, they ran it like a regular gym.  They had group fitness classes, a work out room, a gym to play pick up ball, a track, treadmills, etc.  That might be something to look into.  But you can go on youtube and look up 'boot camp fitness' and you will find a combo approach to cardio and resistance.  They also have yoga which lots of people love, you grab your phone with the music you like and headphones and head out for a little brisk walk or light job, then just do the push ups/sit ups/ light resistance work at home to your tv or music.  There are programs like beach body, etc. that you can buy and follow.  But I do just as well on my own.  good luck
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Thanks for being there for me...
It really helps... I'll hope you will be again there for me when I need ur help...
When I was in graduate school, I loved playing basketball -- playing a sport really gets your mind free for awhile.  Any sports you like playing, look into it while you're still young enough to do it.
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Yup....ryt.... But because of study.. I m not having time... I m a national player of volleyball of  India
That's okay, when this phase of study is over, and if it's exams it will be soon, then you can get back to it at that time.  Good luck on your exams.  
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Yaar , m having pain in my thighs, legs.. I only started 15 min running and 50 skipping.... N the pain is much that I can't doing anything well..
It's the skipping -- not a natural movement for you.  Start slowly when you do something new.  Warm up first.  It'll come, if you're a volleyball player, you have strong thighs, it will come back.
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