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how do you lose fat on legs but having bummed knees?
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Have you tried an exercise ball?  I know there's many exercises that you can do on those for legs and thighs.  Or maybe a bicycle?  
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Hi, the best way to exercise is do some aerobic training which will result in fat loss and getting the body in good shape. If you particularly want to do some exercises for your legs then cycling is the best. Also diet is an important factor to consider if you are concentrating on fat loss. That should not contain sugars, refined carbohydrates and fatty substances. I hope this helps. Bye
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If you have a local swimming pool, go and do laps but walking not swimming, this is fantastic for bummed knees. I had to do that as part of my physiotherapy as I had a really bad left knee and two surgeries on it. You can do leg lifts in the water as well as 'scissors' in the water. The water supports your legs and doesn't put pressure on the knees.
  You could look online for exercises to do in the water, to build up strength then go onto land and do more in the future. Worked for me, my fatty thighs went down real fast and I have not had to have surgery for 10 years now as I increased the ligament and quad muscle strength which support the knee.
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