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elliptical or tredmill

I am in the market for exercise equipment. Iam trying to loose about 50 pounds. I have heard alot about tredmills and ellipticals, which is best? I have heard that tredmills need to have at least a 3hp motor, is this nessesary? I have also heard that ellipticals need to have a incline.
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not sure if i can help you make that decision, i have a treadmill and i run outside.  i just saw on an infomercial that bowflex ( i think it was them ) have a treadmill/elypitcal.  it looked pretty cool.  i also just read a brisk 20 minute walk 5 times a week can take off an xtra 15 a year.  just thought i would share.
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I have a treadmill and an elliptical.  I have found that the treadmill (or even walking outside) helps improve my energy and keeps my weight down, while the elliptical (which I use only two or three times a week) seems to help build muscle tone and strength. If I had to choose only one, I guess I'd go with a treadmill that has an incline; that way, I could get aerobic workout and could also walk some with the incline for a little more muscle workout. For me personally, I am also more likely to keep up with my exercise regimen when I use the treadmill than the elliptical.   I know that when I keep up with my walking, I have no trouble with my weight.  I really think that my daily walks helped me to have easy childbirths and helped me lose weight quickly after after the births of my children.  Please post your decision.
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I have decided on a tredmill, I think I will get a better cardio workout a be more likely to loose the weight. Thanx
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I have worked on treadmill for a while, possibly three or four years. Not regular exercise, I went to gym when I feel it is necessary. I am approaching 40s, and would like to lose some weight. I am 5'3'', 125Ibs. Believe it or not, I gained about 10 pounds since I came here. Forgot to mention that I originally came from China, and I am petite here. In my country I am medize size.

I plan to restrore to my original weight, which is, I plan to lose 10pounds. I noticed that I put on most of my weight around my hip and waist area.

Any suggestions are welcome.  
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