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what shell i do am too lazy to do exercise?
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You need to get your head on straight and make up your mind to do it!
It's your mind and body take care of it!!
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agree with gymdandee

fit people make choices that keep them fit

fat people make choices that keep them fat

Health and fitness are a choice.  People who are fit eat healthy AND exercise, not one or the other, but BOTH  

Good Luck, I Hope You Make Good Choices
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Make a choice. Set a goal that you want to achieve. Get an inspiration and motivation so you can keep up with it. Your body won't work if your mind is not having a choice.
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You need to decide what you want more. Your couch or your confidence
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If you don't like exercise so boost your anabolism by eating,sleeping at regular time.Don't drink coffee and do not eat 3 hours before your bed time.Try to sleep before 11:00pm.Sleep at least 8hours a day.Drink 8 glass of water per day.Drinking cold water in empty stomach can boost your metabolism 30%.Water is essential for flat belly.
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The drinking cold water, spices is insignificant in raising your metabolism! Won't do much!!
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again I agree with gymdandee, cold water and spices don't do much

I reiterate again, one must eat healthy AND exercise - not one or the other, but BOTH.  One can be thin and not be healthy - To BE healthy, You must EAT healthy AND build strong bones and strong muscle with EXERCISE.  

When You begin to see benefit, perhaps the 'lazy' feeling will leave You

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