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lump on leg after collision

About three weeks ago, a dog that weights 126 lbs ran into my leg.  Immediately, my leg began to swell and the spot where I was hit turned a little red.  It is located about four inches above my ankle on the inside of my leg.  I put some ice on my leg and propped it up on a chair.  My leg was a little sore for the next two days, but it is not difficult to walk or run.  Then I noticed that blood was pooling at the bottom of my foot.  It has been three weeks since it happened and all of the discoloration on my leg and foot are gone, but I have a knot about two inches wide where the dog hit me.  It does not hurt at all to touch it, but it is rock hard.  I'm not really sure what it is and why it hasn't gone down at all.  Some people told me that it might be the bone trying to repair itself and other people thought it might be a knot in the muscle.  I am going to the doctor in a week.  It was the first appointment I could get, but I really want to know what it is.  I am getting married in two weeks and really don't need to worry about this right now.
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I am responding to the man who had the hard lump on his leg near his ankle.  I was wondering what happened after his doctor appointment.  I have one also and my doctor is sending me to a specialist on 9-22.  Hope it was good news.  I will let you know my results too. Have a great day.
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I, too, would be interested to hear the results of both of your doctor visits.  I have a lump that formed on my lower leg after a rollerblading accident in which my leg hit a metal bar.  It has been almost two weeks since the accident, and the bruising has mostly subsided, but I noticed the lump a few days ago.
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I have an appointment 9-22-05 with a specialist.  I will post results.  They may take a biopsy.
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FYI -- I saw an internist who said that the lump was simply a temporary reaction to the trauma (a build-up of scar tissue), and that it would dissipate over time -- within 6 to 8 weeks -- nothing to worry about.

Of course, no two cases are the same, so I'm not suggesting that anyone take something like this lightly.  See your doctor!
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I had an MRI and Xray and they found nothing.  I was told to keep and eye on it and not to worry.
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