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non-convulsive seizure disorder arachnoid cyst possible cause?

I have a 13 year old daughter. For 4 years she has been diagnosed with a seizure disorder. She collapses sponatiously to the ground with very little if no warning into unconsciouness, and is unresponsive to sight sound or pain. Her eyes remain open,and occasionally deviate to one side, but not always.She has had 2 48 hr EEGs showing no electrical activity. She has had cardio exercise tests,nothing,blood sugar tests,again nothing. Following a very recent MRI a 8mm Arachnoid Cyst has been located on her left side.We have been told that this is an inherent thing and very probably is not causing her symtoms.She does not have the tingling of her face, or twitching, but does have some slight slurring to speech,or confused speach at times, but again not always.These attacks are NOT psychotic, investigations over the past 4 years have shown this, she is not attention seeking as the incidents are too random and are often place her in unknown danger ie swimming. We are due to see a top Neurologist in London at Gt Ormond St soon. Should we be asking why they feel its not connected and yet up until now they cannot explain why her seizures happen. What are the chances it might grow? will they/should they, check it reguarly? My daughter is very bright and is now scared. We have reassurance from our Consultant,but is it purely coincidence they found this cyst? Should we be pushing for more investigation? My daughter's seizures are currently un medicated having previously been on Sodium Valporate in the past as they originally thought it was epilepsy.Now following negative EEGs they dont
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Dear Becky,

Your question should be posted in our free online Neurology Forum, where Neurologists from The Cleveland Clinic will see it and reply.  To get to this forum, simply click on the 'FORUMS' button at the top of this page and then click on 'NEUROLOGY", once you see a listing of all of our forums.

Good luck.

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Even though this should be posted in the neuro forum. I did do some quick research and arachnoid cysts can cause seizures in certain cases. Another thing you may want to look into is Long QT Syndrome which is often misdiagonised as epiliepsy or other seziure disorders.

Please note I am not a doctor and the above is just my opinion and from medical reports I have read online.
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My son was diagnosed with an arachnoid cyst the size of a tennis ball at the age of 4. He is 14 yrs old now and he has been having seizures almost 5 years.  He has them if he gets too hot, gets the slightest fever or not enough rest.  His docs didn't want to believe that he was having seizures, they just thought I was over reacting his symptoms, UNTIL he had one at the docs office.  My son is on a very strong amount of meds for these seizures and he still gets them when he comes in  contact with the above mentioned.  His cyst has completely collapsed but he still has problems.  His seizures are convulsive unlike your childs and he also gets the warning when one is coming on.  Don't give up, keep pushing your docs to do something for your child.
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My little one had her first seizure last year.  It was not a dramatic seizure...she just stared at me with this look like, "help me mom."  CT scan and MRI revealed an aranoid cyst.  An EEG,done within 24 hrs of this seizure, confirmed that the seizure came from tissue around the cyst.  She has been on medication since and has had a couple of breakthrough seizures (lasting only about a minute), but none as bad as the first (over 20 minutes long).  Her doc feels confident that the cyst and seizures are related and does not feel that she will come off her medicine any time soon, if ever.  I am not doctor, but as a mom who went through this with a scared little two-year old...another opinion will only make you better.  I hope you find some answers.  Your daughter will be in our prayers...
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I have non convulsive seizures, I get them 2-3 times per month. It starts with my hearing changing and things sound muffled. Then I get a strange feeling in my stomach like I'm sick to my stomach, but I don't ever through up. The last and most dramatic stage is that everything starts echoing and I hear a winding sound. After it starts to go away I feel very depressed and hopeless for an hour or so. It is hard to remember details of the situation for the duration. I have had brain trauma in the past. I had an adverse reaction to a meningitis vaccine, when I was 16, which left me paralyzed from the waist down for a month and in a coma for 4 day's. It's a miracle that I'm alive and that I ended up as an all-state honorable mention football player.
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