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weight gain

I exercise 6 days a week, and keep control my diet around 1500 - 1800 cal per day. I am a active woman in 41 & 165cm.   I have started my exercise and diet plan almost 3 years, at the first six months, I lost from 140lbs to 118lbs (all time low).  And I keep working hard but my weight is going back and off, around 120 - 125lbs.  Recently I start the wii game (Active), and do more weight/resistant training in my daily exercise.  my size is being down, especially my problem zone, the lower body, but my weight is going to and stays at 126-127 lbs.  I can see my body is being lean and tone, but my weight is going up.  What can I do to keep the weight to 115lbs?
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How long do your workouts usually last?
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The diet plan should be consulted near a dietician, sometimes unknowingly you take more proteins and the carbohydrate and fat is unproportional.
You have to increase the intensity of your exercise that is an option. You burn more and your input is controlled then you will lose the desired pounds. Take care!
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I usually workout in the morning 30 Elliptical/20 speed walk  and 5 mins AB during the weekdays.  And recently I also workout at evening afterwork, sometime 30- 40 mins with Wii game, boxing or resistant workout.   But I have changed 2 weeks ago, skip the Wii game, and 30 Elliptical/30 race walk 4 days a week (evening). plus 20 - 30 mins weight training 2 times a week.  I still keep working out 5 days in the moring.  

2 slices of whole grain bread (120 cal each) with coffee (cream and no sugar) around 9am at office.
1 slice of whole grain bread & some home cooked vegetable (little old & little salt)about 200 cal for lunch.  tea break - 1 slice of whole grain bread with Yogurt (35 cal) .  sometime add a tin of sardine (130 cal) or an apple.

My problem is , I will have a big dinner on friday night with my boy friend, and eat "normal" during the weekend.

I just don't know why I am quite heavy, even I can see my bond in my upper body in the mirror.   My big problem zone is my butt & thighs.  I can see my thighs are going to lose fat, but I still stay on 126lbs.

Thank you for your concern.  Have a good day!
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Oh, dinner, i will have green salad with sauce (100 cal) , and some ham (100-200 cal), and a portion of fruit.
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Food is ok, but you can still have many options and can have more of veggies, high fibre food, salads and soups on friday night so that you can control your calories. Dietician will help you explore more options.

You will lose fat proportionally and your exercise is fine and try to continue regularly with 30-40 minute episodes which will increase chances of fat burn. You will lose fat over a period of time and it will be proportional. The place where you have put fat the last you will lose first and the place where you put fat the first will be the last. Take care!
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