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weight loss

i have been going to our loca gym for 3 weeks[monday- friday.
and am sensible with what i eat,i have only lost 4lbs in 3 weeks,why arent i losing weight  easier
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well it depends on what you're doing at the the gym is there cardio invloved? like you i was going 5 times a week and no results 'til i added cardio (treadmill) and went on a 1200 calorie diet with 30 grams of fat. it was then i lost 25lbs in five months. I hope this was helpful.
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I hope you understand weight loss is not a quick fix that happens in a few weeks. Exercise is a way of life that brings your body to good health while losing weight or mantaining weight. 1-2 lbs is a reasonable weight loss goal per week not much more. Remember 1 lbs of fat is 3500 calories so you will have to burn that much calories in order to lose just 1 lb of fat. Be patient is it happens slowly.

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I started out with weight lifting and actually gained some weight. Then the scale started going down. I implemented cardio into my weekly schedule and that really helped. I was really overweight, and still have a lot to loose... However, I've lost 25 lbs in the last 4 months while putting a LOT of muscle mass on. Gaining muscle mass isn't for everyone, but weigh training is a critical part to loosing weight. Stick with it, and as the months go by you will get closer to your goal.

Also, plateaus are a sign of your body getting used to your workout. Whether it be cardio or weight training change it up from time to time so that your body doesn't get accustomed to your routine. Also the best thing to do is push yourself to exhaustion on any weight training your doing. I've been told numerous times that the best rep you do is the last one... so if you can squeeze out another rep, do so.
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