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Cannot Lose weight and I am frustrated!

Last year I lost 32 lbs. by changing my eating habits. More fruits and Veggies, Protein and only complex carbs. In Feb I hit a Plateau at 178 lbs. I cannot get below this line I teeter between 178 and 183 and I am 5'7". I had my thyroid tested and that came back negative. I recently had some allergy food testing and thought that may be the issue. I found I am allergic to wheat and egg yolk; and have a low tolerance for grains in general. So my diet is pretty healthy; Mostly protein, veggies, and some fruit. Very little alcohol.. Occasionally enjoy a nice glass of wine. I was only eating 1200 calories when I lost the original 32 lbs.; I know I shouldn't go below 1200 so I tried eating more calories. I have tried anything from 1300 to 1800 calories and nothing seems to work. I decided to up my workout; thinking that would break me through the plateau. I do 25-30 min of muscular work 3-4 times per week and Zumba for 60 minutes 5 times a week. I drink lots of water. I still cannot lose weight and I do not know why. I am getting married in June so I have been very focused on eating right and exercising for the wedding. I am not in a healthy BMI and every time I have a wellness check at work they tell me I need to lose weight (and they suggest not eating junk food and working out) I want to scream at their suggestions because I know I am not eating junk food and working out. Bottom Line I am frustrated and just want to be a healthy weight!
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I tried running previously to Zumba; I hated it so when I wasn't losing weight I lost motivation. I really like Zumba so it keeps me motivated to go even when I am not losing weight.

I have been a dancer since I was 3; which is part of the reason I tend to lean towards Zumba. I got shin splints running and my body hurt all the time.. I don't have that with Zumba. Honestly; I would do any dance cardio that would keep me motivated to keep going. Zumba just happens to be the easiest class to find.
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Have you tried doing something besides Zumba?

Not to hate on this fitness craze but it did nothing for me. I'm 5'1" and 153lbs. Did Zumba for a while but felt nothing but pain in my ankles and knees...

Try something like Cardio Kick Boxing... Spinning... Running... the stair climber. Our bodies can get used to the same exercises every week... alternate the weight you're lifting, workouts you are doing, etc. I think there is some truth to the whole "muscle confusion" thing.

Congrats on losing the 32lbs! That's great... and congrats on your upcoming wedding :-)

Good luck
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