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Exercise for inch loss around hips

Does anyone kow of good effective exercises that can be done at home to help encourage inch loss from the hip area?
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Hi, for losing fact from hip and thighs, the best exercises squatting, using stairs in place of lift and a stepper in the gym. Besides this the 30 minutes of aerobic exercise is also important. Concentrate on which foods you have to eat and which foods you don't have to eat. Avoid eating fried foods and sweets too often. Get used to eating complex carbohydrates rather than refined once. I hope this will help.
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WOW -  thank you -  plenty for me to try and work on there ...it's so annoying that the inches are coming off everywhere but the hips!
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jump rope is cardio, and cardio does not target one area, it targets all areas at once. You cannot really lose weight in just one area, but if you want it to appear less you could tone the area with lots of repetitions.
Hips are a weird one. Theres not to my knowledge one exercise for just the hips, because they are pretty immobile, but if you target the areas around the hips it will work just fine. For example doing butt exercises. There needs to be more butt ones invented. Since you already do squats you can try the one when you are on all fours, raising each leg one by one as high as you can while its bent into the sky, keep your foot parallel to the ground not pointed. You can also do it with your legs straight. You can also do this while standing, it's a ballerina exercise, lean with your hands against a wall to steady yourself, and extend your legs back and up as far as you can as many times as you can slowly. This joins your hips.
Um, sometimes the best butt exercise is to clench your cheeks together as hard as you can throughout the day when no ones looking.

You might be interested in taking up belly dance. You can get belly dance dvds so you can learn at your house, or even look it up on google for how to videos. It's a lot of hip movements, you isolate the body parts, and it is very good for your hips in general.

If i could explain belly dance hip moves in words, it would be good to learn how to move your hips to one side without moving any other part of your body, keeping your core and upper body and legs absolutely still. Make sure your feet are flat. It takes a lot of practice, but when you get it, you will be able to just slide your hips to the side without movement of any other body part. We don't think about it, but we never get our hips to move on their own, and it is very good to learn how to make them move on their own. Then you can try and raise the hips up and down without moving any other part of your body. Then you can try and do spirals with them without moving the rest of your body. When you do this make sure your body is always facing straight, because it will want to move side to side. This is very good for hips.
Hoola hooping will help as well.

I think the most effective exercise will be core ones. Do lots of sit ups.

There is the crunch you do on your back, which isolates the love handles and hip area, where you extend as far to the right side as possible and reach for your toes, then reverse to the other side.
Lower abdominals might help as well, such as the one where you lay on your back and raise your legs straight up in the air close together and strong, and bring them down an inch off the floor and keep doing this slowly. Try not to let them touch the floor during this.
You can also do the less extreme one where you bring your knees to your chest, then extend your legs as far out as possible without touching the ground as many times as you can.
You can also use a swiss ball, put it between your feet or calfs, and lift it up in the air, then down while you are on your back. Just be careful your back is strong enough for these lower ab ones, if not start slowly and work your way up.

There is a sit up, if you happen to have a bench or surface you can lean on at home. Basically you want to lay comfortably on a bed or something with your torso hanging off the surface, and your legs on the surface. You want to be on your side, then you can lift your body sideways upwards towards your hip. Then switch sides when you are done with repetitions for that.  

The other sit up that is good for that area, is the one where you twist your right elbow to the left knee, and then the left elbow to the right knee. While you are doing this you are bringing the knee connected to the elbow in, and the opposite leg out. It makes it even better if you have something to balance on.

Happy hip workouts,
- Sabrina
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Ohh thanks Libby -  will try jump rope...

Have been doing squats and lunges -  Im losing good inch loss everywhere but my hips and chest... so trying to issolate the areas and work on one at a time...
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Jumping rope might help. Jump for 3-5 mins 3-5 times a day. Also rest between each til your heart rate is at a resting rate. Aim for 5 mins each but you can start with 3 mins or as long as possable. I also heard that milk helps keep your fat more compressed, haha so it looks like you lost weight when really it's all just compressed. Lolz that's what happened to me.
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