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I've lost a lot of weight and therefore a lot of the padding in my butt!

I have lost 50 pounds over the course of the last 10 months, with about 30 more to go.  I am doing this sensibly, eating very well, getting lots of great exercise and enjoying the whole process.  Until recently, when I hurt my tailbone one morning doing some deadlifts.  Now, it's more like the area around the tailbone hurts.  I have not been over-exercising, and have backed off on the deadlifts, but still the butt hurts!  I'm wondering if I've lost so much of my original "padding" and that's why things are hurting now?

I also wondered if doing some glute-specific exercises could help build up my butt so it would act as more of a cushion.  I'm really uncomfortable, even when lying in bed.  
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Thank you both very much - very interesting info on coccydynia.  I do have a good ortho who I will go and see.  A little embarassing to have to have your tailbone checked out, but what can I do!    
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I am not a doctor but I would think that if the original pain started during deadlifting, it really doesn't have anything to do with padding or lack thereof.  If you had fallen on your tailbone maybe.  I'm thinking you may have strained something in the very low lumbar area of your back, especially if you inadvertently rounded your back a little on the lift.  I would try using NSAID's and heat, if it doesn't get better see a doctor, you may need an MRI.

And I wouldn't try to build your glutes yet, because most of the glute specific exercises can also put pressure on the same area.
Good luck and let us know!

~~ dgg
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You should diagnose if you have any coccydynia, follow up with an orthopedician.

It is important to follow proper ergonomics in your daily living and also during your exercise routine or it will damage your spinal area.

Wear proper foot wear, do not stand for long hours, do not adopt abnormal positions, sit and exercise on comfortable cushioned chairs and surfaces.

You can take intermittent NSAIDs to relieve your pain and you can also consider steroid shots to give you relief.

Take care!
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