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Want to lose weight on my thighs badly whats the best weights to be lifting or exercise to be doing at gym for these
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Remember, if you do resistance training your thighs might not get any smaller, though they will get stronger and more toned.  You could just have large thighs -- people come in all shapes and sizes -- but if it's in fact excess weight, then you have to look at what you're eating.  I'd personally think that cardio would be best for losing weight, whereas weight training is best for turning fat into muscle, but proper nutrition is necessary for it to work optimally.  A combination of the two is generally the best.  As for specifics, there are so many different exercises in the naked city that target the same areas, but something that targets that area both in resistance and cardio is bicycling -- but again, you won't end up with small thighs, you'll end up with muscular ones.  I've never been more muscular in my thighs than when I rode a bicycle as my only form of transportation.
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Sorry, didn't finish this post.  Didn't think it printed at all, as I lost contact with the website -- unfortunately a continuing program.  I posted this, or really didn't, a while ago, so I don't remember my exact train of thought, so I'll just add, we don't know anything about your current level of activity or fitness or diet, so giving any specific suggestions might just hurt you.  If you can tell us a lot more about where you are in your diet and fitness level you might get better and more specific answers, but if you're a member of a gym you might just get a personal trainer to help -- there are just a ton of exercises, both with weights and without, that work the thighs if you do want to make them more muscular.

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