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Need advice to gain muscle

I'm 39 years old with height 1.80m and weight 75Kg(BMI : 23). But I look a bit skinny. I would like to gain some muscle with same body weight. Pls advice what type of exercise I should do and what type of food I should eat without without jeopardising my health(maintain good cholesterol level and etc)
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Thanks Gymdandee for the infos. Super great!!!
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Performing strength-training exercises is the best way to gain muscle. If this is your goal, you should begin lifting weights and doing exercises that work major muscle groups, such as your chest, back, legs, arms and abdomen. This way, you will build muscle all over your body and get a more toned-looking physique,
Gaining weight without extensive strength training is possible. The fact is that building muscles is the balance of energy input and energy output, but you have to make sure that you use it in the right places.
Both weight loss and weight gained are played in balance. When you consume food, you take in the energy. The carbohydrates are turned to glucose and then into energy. The energy not used up by metabolism or exercise are used in two ways. It can either be stored in the liver as glycogen that is fat stored in your body to be used later when needed. Another way is that is gets used in building muscles, therefore you gain weight.
Strength training exercises ensures that the weight you gaining are the muscles and not the fat getting stored. It is understandable if you think simply of it as a balance between energy taken in and energy used.
Metabolism uses up energy by natural life processes such as breathing, blood circulation in the body and digestion of food. Some people have high metabolic rate while others have low metabolic rate. The people with the high metabolic rate seem to eat anything and not put on any weight, while people with low metabolic rate tend to put on weight quite easily.
Exercising uses up a lot of energy and the energy that are not used are converted to body tissues. Therefore the balance is simple. Taking in more energy then you use will assist in weight gain. Taking in less energy then you use will assist in weight loss.
Strength training exercise assists in building muscles, and they don't have to be extensive. All you have to do is sufficient amount of strength exercises to use up the extra energy. This way the body will convert that energy to muscles rather than fat for your body to store. Where you want that energy to be used is totally up to you. If you want to add bulk to your biceps and triceps you will have to work your arms with weights. If you want to add bulk to your shoulders then you will have to work your shoulders.
The amount of exercise needed to gain weight is dependent on your diet of carbohydrates and protein. Carbohydrates will be used to produce energy and protein is needed for muscle gain through the use of strength training exercise. Muscle building is dependent on how much strength training is done and to what part of the body it is targeted to.
Source: K. Mccarty

Focus on what to eat to gain muscle. There are many techniques to build your muscles which can be executed for different purposes. You should get the healthy foods and if you fail to do this there is no point in trying to build muscles. The foods you consume will play vital role in helping you get sexier curves that you like to have in your body. Many people do not realize how much food to eat when it comes to diet. The mass muscle building nutrition is the important aspect of building ripped and sexy muscles.
The food will supply the energy to the body in various combination which will enable it to support to the activities you perform. The choice of foods has to be ideal which will be suitable for your body specifications and requirements. Your choice has to be depend on few factors such as what to eat to gain muscle, metabolic rate, calories take in and out and the foods to avoid eating.
You can do a quick calculation based on the foods you are going to eat daily. You can check the number of calories presented in the food and then sum up all and see whether it is the suitable amount of energy that your body required. You should not make any minor errors while you are collecting information about what to eat to gain muscle. You have to make sure that you consume foods which are rich in protein and carbohydrates.
You have to eat healthy foods that are ideal to body specification and certainly helps you build quality muscles. The food you choose has to be the right kind of food and provides you enough energy to do your workout activities. You should not consume more than what your body required. You should at least have a small meal among every two to three hours.
If you get the right type of food it will increase the metabolism of your body very quickly and efficiently. You can restrict the foods which are rich in
calories and fat because it will help cut down fat quickly. You can also add in protein and carbohydrates to your foods. The choices can be different, but you have to make sure it is suitable for your body condition and needs. You can use the energy gained from the foods to do heavy muscle building techniques that will mange with your body status.
Protein is the important nutrient that has to be presented in the meals you eat daily. It is one of the important nutrition supply to build muscles efficiently and quickly. The lean protein can be achieved by eating food items such as poultry, meat, egg, fish and nuts.
The quantity has to remain at least one gram per pound of the weight of the body daily. Your body will demand more proteins from your meals if you do not consume foods that have carbohydrates. The protein plays vital role in helping you achieve your ultimate goal without any hesitation.
It is very important to know what to eat to gain muscle because it will help you gain curvy and sexy muscles. Many skinny people make the mistake of avoiding carbohydrates from their diet when they are trying to build serious and tough muscles. This is very risky to avoid it since it supplies the essential energy that your body required.
You should remember that the starchy carbohydrates should remain in your diet routine. It also provides fiber that is very important to your body. The foods which are rich at carbohydrates are potatoes, pasta, rice and bread. These can be included in our daily meal without worrying about the consequences of it.
You should always remember that you have to consume fresh vegetables and fruits in any form of muscle building training. It has packed with nutrients and minerals which will help build your muscle and does not contain any harmful ingredients such as saturated fat or bad sugars.

It also helps you to slow down the absorption of food which can eventually lead to less fat storage in your body. This will make sure that you get a lean and sexy muscles built much faster than you expected. You have to settle with organic and fresh food items instead of choosing artificial and process food items.
You should strictly avoid foods made out of artificial sweeteners which will not help you build the muscle. These contains high percentage of trans fat and sodium which contains substances that lead to various ailments of the kidney, liver, heart and the other important organs of the body.
You should have clear idea about what to eat to gain muscle. You should not eat food items that contain dangerous and harmful ingredients. You have to maintain a healthy diet which will make you closer to achieve your ultimate goal. You have to reprogram your mind to adapt the muscle building environment and react according to that.
Source: Ripped Muscle
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