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Shoulder and chest pain

I do a lot of running and I have a lot of troubles with the muscles that run from my shoulders into my chest. Sometimes the pain goes over my shoulder into my back between the shoulder blades. I have had tons of Cardio test and have pasted them all. It feels like the muscle are always "clinched" or flexed. It seems to bother me more when I do faster runs then long runs.  It has become a constant pain that flairs up on occasion. Any suggestions?

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Your symptoms are suggestive of muscle strain due to overuse of the muscles. Strained muscles and sprained ligaments are among the most common causes of shoulder pain. This usually occurs when excessive pressure, often from exercising too much, causes the tissue to stretch too much or excessively, causing them to become damaged or torn. Pulled muscular tissue and pinched nerves are other possibilities. Apply warm compresses on the shoulder muscles and some muscle relaxant.You can also take some OTC non steroidal anti inflammatory pain reliever like ibuprofen or diclofenac.These may help.

Also do some stretching exercises before running and take healthy nutritious diet.

If the symptoms persist then fibromyalgia and ruptured or herniated disc have to be ruled out.Pls consult an orthopedician in that case.

Hope it helps.If you have any additional queries,then pls post us.
Take care and regards.

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My suggestion is to stretch out your chest, shoulders and neck muscles. It is amazing how much grief tight muscles can cause us.

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