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What is this post injury dent near my collar bone?

Hello I am new to this forum and hopeful that somebody can solve this mystery for me.
https://imgur.com/a/hQ7N2Cq Gallery of injured and non injured shoulder for reference. This dent appeared about two months ago after My right shoulder went through a subluxation during a warm up bench press of 40 lbs. I am a government employee and declined E.R. (terrible idea) for my appointed doctor. It's been 2 months and my injury has been diagnosed as "medically fascinating", but otherwise been considered irrelevant to my overall health. I was given an MRI about three weeks after dislocation and diagnosed with a small hill-Sachs lesion, strains of the joint capsule, and tendonitis. I am now able to move my arm in most directions, however when I flex my bicep my arm has a strong tremor. My grip has been tested and deemed normal and nobody has given me any theory as to what the dent is, or the tremor. While I am worried about both I am hopeful that the community can answer the longer standing issue. I appreciate any help you can provide.
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hello, many injury can damage the collar bone like :
fracture thoracic outlet syndrome
joint injury
sleeping position
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