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right side chest pain while breathing in

I woke up this morning and had the worst pain in the right side of my chest.  It really hurts the worst when i breathe in deeply, doesnt hurt with short breaths.  I had a friend come over this weekend and smoked alot more cigarettes than normal.  Its only started this morning so its been goin on for about ten hours so far.  I dont feel sick, i'm not coughing, its just simply every time i breathe in deeply.  I have not smoked any more since last night and i'm obviously not going to while i'm having breathing problems.  My question is:  Is this something that may just pass? or should I go get this checked ASAP?  Also, I painted the garage floor with an xylene based paint three days ago on friday, but think cigs are more the cause, would an xylene based paint taken three days to affect me, or is it just the smoking?  thank you, aaron.
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thank you for getting back.  The chest pain has turned into a full on cold.  Sore throat, runny nose, stuffy head, congestion, and feels like a slight fever.  I still have the chest ache, but it seems to be getting better as time goes by.  Do i need to worry about the swine flu at all???  How do i know??  Please let me know what i should do, or a good way to treat this...thanks aaron.
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Recollect if you had any fall, injury to the right side of chest.
Sometimes it occurs with false position while sleeping.
Smoking will affect both your lungs and you are suggested to quit smoking immediately.
The paint combined with smoking might have caused an allergy and there is a possibility of some amount of uneasiness.
Take some anti histamine, pain killers and go for walks in the park with breathing fresh air and rest for couple of days.
If you have the symptoms you would need an X-ray and a visit to the chest specialist.

Take care!

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