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Black spot in peripheral vision when blinking

I’m 22 years old, I only notice this in a dim room against a white wall.
When I blink fast in my far temporal peripheral vision I see a small black spot that fades immediately once I stop blinking, it does not appear “always”, only if I blink/wave hand over eye etc, please listen to this next part - it seems fixed but it takes a moment or two to actually “appear”, it’s not something a non-paranoid person would ever notice is best I can explain it

In the last year I’ve had: three optometrist exams, retinal specialist and glaucoma specialist (all these were a chain of events due to one inaccurate puff test) - nothing bad came from these exams, although I never noticed this “spot” back then. I’ve tried to see if it’s a scotoma but it’s location picks up light still, then again it’s quite small, but it’s DEFINITELY real and not a floater surely

I know these obscure post get posted alot but it would really mean so much to get a answer,thankyou

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Hopefully along the way you have had a 'visual field" test also known as peripheral vision test. If so the common explanation is the eye muscles pulling on the eye during a blink and stimulating the retina.  This is a form of entoptic phenomena.  Read the section on wikipedia about it.  It is usually seen in the area you describe because of mechanical forces. And yes there are many many posts about this, rarely has it ever been caused by something serious.
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Yes I did that test!

Do you think this is anything significant or worth focusing on? Is there a particular reason it only appears under three circumstances vs it just being there all the time? Could this be anything at my age, such as a hole or bleed?
If you have had visual field test and normal, I would not worry unless something changes or something new develops. Retinal holes and bleed don't cause these types of problems and are relatively easy to see and diagnose.
Thankyou, sorry for the questions, do you think this is a common thing? It’s in a very odd area, - have any of those other post come to a conclusion?
These types of complaints are common on this forum. Most don't find a definitive cause and most don't develop into anything serious
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