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Cloudy eye since having cataract surgery

I had both eyes operated on for cataracts, one has a Toric lens while the other is some other type.  The Toric implant is miserable and not working for me.  On Christmas Eve I started seeing lightening flashes and floaters.  I saw an Opthomologist (not the same surgeon who did the implants) and this doctor examined me thoroughly for almost 2 hours, checking everything.  He said he saw NO torn retina, no Glaucoma, no macular degeneration, and no secondary cataract (my name for this not his), meaning nothing clouding the eye, not sure of the technical term.  He concluded that perhaps a new pair of glasses would help me.  I have this constant film on my left eye that seems like I have a cold in it and yet I have none.  It is driving me crazy, and everytime I move it's there.  I do have black specks and wonder now if this film like stuff is also a floater?  The doctor did say he saw some "tenting" and not sure what that is either.  I went yesterday to get new glasses to a different eye doctor, cause my insurance wouldn't pay for the Opthamologist to give me glasses!  The Optrician found only that my bifocal needed to be stronger and concurred with the Opthamologist's findings that everything was ok.  I am sure bothered with this constant film and still want to know what has caused this.  About the flashes, well they have subsided and I only had a couple of days of that.  Any thoughts would be appreciated.  Thank You, Judy
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Please get a second opinion from a corneal specialist.

Dr. O.
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Thank you for seeing my post and for your response.  I'm obviously getting discouraged that this is happening and feel a lttle better just knowing that someone actually HEARD me.  I will see where I might find another opinion, not sure in my area just who to contact.  I live in a very rural area and it's difficult for me to travel.  I do have other medical problems, but I'm grateful for this site and your input.  Again, Thank You Dr.
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