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Contacts "great" outside, blurry inside?

I started wearing contacts roughly 7 years ago, but haven't worn any in about 2-3 years because I hadn't the funds to keep getting exams and purchasing the lenses.

I have always worn Acuvue 2's and never had a problem with it, I had tried Oasis years ago and didn't like them, made my eyes more dry. I have slight astigmatism but my Dr. said its so slight that I don't need to correct it with lenses (as they are way too big for my eyes and seem to annoy me and fall out). He also said I had an oil deficiency which I've always had since I began wearing contacts. He has always prescribed the same prescription for each eye for contacts because they were a slight difference that I wouldn't have trouble with, and in the end it would cost me less $ to purchase them.

So, now my problem is this. When I'm outside in the bright light, I have ZERO issues. When I come inside and try to work on my laptop or look around the house (mainly just my laptop though) I get extreme blur/glare to the point where I have to squint or hold my head up to the screen to be able to see what I'm writing. This is with Acuvue 2's. He gave me a trial pair of the Oasis, which I tried too, and it seemed to keep the problem more at bay, but I had focusing problems. Like a camera trying to focus off and on. If I put sunglasses on and view my computer with the 2's the problem is gone. Can't remember if I tried with Oasis.

Any ideas on what could be causing this? I called my Dr. and the guy at the desk told me I should come in and it sounded like a dryness issue. I do have rewetting drops but it doesn't stop this from happening for more then 2-5 minutes.

If it helps my prescription for contacts & glasses are as follows:
Contacts:  -325, 8.3, 14.0
Glasses: OD: -300, -100, 90 OS: -350, -75, 87
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I just got this new prescription on Fri with trial pairs of the Acuvue 2s and Oasis. Sorry forgot to mention that
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You need to go in have the prescription checked--it should be no charge if there are no new issues.

Dr. O.
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Here's an update.

I went back to my Dr. he redid the prescription. Said it was fine.

I just went and ordered glasses because the contacts had so much blurry glare to them I couldn't stand wearing them inside.

Now I got my glasses back. I've been wearing them for a week, and I'm having almost the same problem. Nothing is blurry but there is a ton of glare. I feel sick to my stomach and feel as though I'm drunk when I wear them. Today I wondered if perhaps they put the wrong prescription in each eye, so I put them on upside down, and they seem FINE!

Headed back to them again to see if there is a problem with my lenses.
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