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Crystalens or HD Softtec

I had two evaluations for cataracts by two highly regarded surgeons.  One recommended & will only use the Crystalens by B&L & the other recommended and will only use the HD Softtec by LensTec.  Both doctors explained the results to be similar. There is a huge difference in cost.    Can someone tell me if there is a difference in quality/characteristics of the two lens, &  if one should cost double?
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I would strongly suggest you look for a 3rd opinion. I would especially be suspicious of the motives of surgeon 1 that uses only Crystalens.  That is a 'premium" IOL that has more complications than a standard monofocal IOL. It is also much more expensive and thus increases the profit to the surgeon.  It is only ethical to offer patients a standard monofocal, high quality aspherical IOL.  Surgeon 2 is using a high quality monofocial IOL. Some surgeons choose not to offer 'gaget' IOLs like the crystalens because of the extra cost, extra steps the surgery requires, because of reduced optical quality image especially at night and patients usually fork out the extra money believing they will not ever need glasses when in face most need glasses for some or even all visual tasks.

Read this article carefully:  http://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show/1648102/Consider-ALL-the-Options-Before-Your-Cataract-Surgery-Working-Through-Whats-Best-For-You

My wife just had very successful cataract/IOL surgery. We chose one of my surgical colleagues. Although my wife has astigmatism we chose not to do a toric IOL because of the additional problems associated with off axis implantation or IOL rotation.  Although we have several highly skilled surgeons who use the Crystalens this was never a consideration for us. Her IOL is the same our who large practice uses for people wishing high quality monofocal aspheric IOL: Tecnis ZA9003.

If I were having cataract/IOL surgery on myself which I do not need now I would choose same IOL, I would not opt for ORA technology nor femtosecond laser use.

Get a 3rd opinion as you have really been given "my way or the highway' Hobson's Choice.
I'm a fan of the monofocal IOL myself, kept things simple and it works well.  My own cataract surgeon offered both the multifocal and monofocal options so as Dr. Hagan suggested consider a third opinion.
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