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Does undercorrecting a child's astigmatism worsen myopia progression?

I have read and undercorrecting the spherical power of the lenses may make myopia to progress a bit faster. Will myopia worsen faster if they undercorrect astigmatism?
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OVER correcting can cause progression of myopia, one reason that glasses tests (refractions) should be done after the pupil is dilated and the focus muscle relaxed in young people (cycloplegic refraction).  Myopic is also made worse by not playing outside enough and prolonged near tasks especially hours and hours staring at video screen on computer, iPhone, iPas, videogames, etc. Give your eyes a rest. For rapidly progressing myopia dilute atropine or bifocals might be tried.
Thank you for the answer. I was just curious but it doesn't really affect me anymore. I have read that orthockratology might slow down myopia progression and undercorrecting myopia makes it worse. So I was wondering if undercorrecting astigmatism has the same effect.
Ortho-K really is not considered modern treatment for myopia progression or correction.  Astigmatism is not affected by under/over correction.  And again under-correction of myopia doesn't make it worse it just makes the distance vision with glasses blurry. Over correct can make worse. (patient has -3.00 myopia and given RX for -4.00) It won't blur the vision but the eye has to do 1 diopter extra work all the time
Could you please elaborate on Ortho-k "really is not considered modern treatment for myopia progression"? It might be a PR stunt but I read it everywhere that it slows down myopia progression by 34-50%, compared to single focus glasses. Is this not true or are there any better alternatives? (Some of my relatives' children are nearsighted, might be useful for them).
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There are studies that indicate a benefit of ortho-K.  Most are done by optometrists not ophthalmologists and have a financial interest in it as it is expensive. As mentioned above: playing outdoors hour/day, not over-correcting, bifocals, dilute atropine eye drops are what most pediatric ophthalmologists recommend.
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