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Eye irritation

I am desperate for help. For a little over a year now I have had ongoing issues with my eyes. I never had any problems in the past. I can no longer wear any eye makeup, my eyes even get irritated many days when I don't even try to wear makeup. They seem to be fine until midday, then start to feel sticky. They will start leaking sticky tears out of the outer corner of my eyes. The eyeball will get red, bloodshot and the skin on the outer corner will get very red and irritated. Sometimes you can see my lash line gets swollen and inflamed as well. I have went to two different eye doctors. The first just said it was dry eye, the second said it was clogged oil glands and put me on an antibiotic ointment, it helped only for a short while. My ENT doctor preformed reduction of my turbinates and septoplasty, as I have a very deviated septum. He said he believed my eye problems were from allergies and had me start allergy injections at his office. I had done allergy injections at another clinic for 2 years, but it had probably been 6 months between offices. I've tried taking different allergy and sinus meds, as well as taking none at all. Things that happened about a year and a half ago before my eyes started having problems: I was sick and bedridden for 2 years prior, from silicone implants. I had them removed and replaced with saline (which I had before) did a strict detox diet and supplements and got better. I started a new job in retail management at a clothing store. I do work around dyes and fabrics from new shipment items. I have started using fake clear lens glasses when working freight, to help block dust and fabric particals. Some days it will get better and stay that way for a few days, then have flare ups. Most of the time it is both eyes, but sometimes it is worse in one eye or the other. I've been on restasis, steroid eye drops, tried eye rinses, homeopathic eye drops, allergy eyedrops, nasal sprays, mineral oil on eyelashes, coconut oil, pm ointments, soothing eye pads, blepharitis eye wipes, tea tree eye wipes, sensitive skin wipes, baby wipes. I also have tried hypoallergenic, organic mascaras and eyeliners. I usually don't even try makeup anymore. I have spent so much money, time on research, doctors visits and products. Nothing is working. Any advice would be wonderful.
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Where do you live? I would bundle up the eye and medical records and head for a world quality tertiary eye center and see their ophthalmology expert in cornea and external disease. Examples would be Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, Emory University, Johns Hopkins, Bascom Palmer Eye Institute of U of Miami  You would want a place that is close enough that you could manage repeat visits obviously you have a chronic problem that is ultra difficult to treat.
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I live in a small rural town in Arkansas :/
The University of Arkansas Dept of Ophthalmology is good if you are within driving distance. You would schedule with a specialist in cornea and external disease.  Also ophthalmology programs at U of OK, LSU, Vanderbilt are all good.
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Also forgot to mention, I have gooey eye strings in my eyes when irritated, many of the times.
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