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How is your vision after Cataract Surgery?

How is your vision after Cataract Surgery?
Please specify whether you got a monofocal or multifocal/accommodative IOL.

I would like to know what distances you are able to see clearly. What distances are slightly blurry, but acceptable, and what distances are just unbearably blurry.

I am particularly interested in those who have received Monofocal IOL set to Distance but I would also really appreciate hearing those experiences with different IOLs. I have heard from several people that with a IOL Set to Distance, they are still able to use the Computer at about 18 inches. This has confused me since I had thought IOL set to distance makes intermediate distance blurry.

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Both my eyes are at plano with monofocal IOLs.  My distance vision is excellent.  It would be a strain for me to see my monitor without glasses.  Prolonged computer use without glasses would probably give me a headache.  If you set your dominant eye for distance and non-dominant eye for intermediate vision, you would probably be comfortable using the computer without glasses.

I had a cataract in one eye only but I chose to have cataract surgery in both my eyes.  My post-surgery distance vision in the eye without the cataract is at least as good as my best-correct vision was before surgery.  I've never had a problem with my IOLs.
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This past January, I had both eyes done with Acrysoft monofocal IOL's set for distance. I now have 20/20 vision and only need readers for close up reading. Depth of field is excellent from about 20 inches to infinity. I have a large monitor 24" and can sit back in my chair and read it perfectly without glasses. My wife also had hers done last month and needed the Acrosoft toric lens, she had minor astigmatism, set for distance as well. She's a waitress and was concerned about reading the menus and working their computer, but she has no trouble at all without glasses. Like me, she only needs cheap readers for close up work. You can search my previous posting about my experiences. Let me know if you are in Houston. I had mine done at Berkley Eye Center. Good luck.
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I had only one cataract, received same IOL set for distance as baggyrinkle, I now do not wear glasses at all for the first time since age 18 mos.  Can see to drive better than I ever could with glasses, and do not need glasses to use the computer or read normal sized print.  I use a magnifying glass for extremely small print, same as when I wore prescription progressive lens glasses.
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There are many factors that have to be considered with each individual's eyes. I have both eyes done with Tecnis monofocal lens after having the Restor multifocal explanted from the left eye . I have both eyes set for distance . I was astonished at how good my intermediate and close vision turned out. My vision is excellent.  I can use  the computer and sit back in my chair and read the  15" screen and do just about everything glasses free.  I need glasses for small print.  Like baggyrinkle I use the cheap readers.  I have no problem with driving and my night driving vision is terrific. No starbursts or glare as with the Restor.  I am so pleased with the outcome with these Tecnis lenses.  After having had both, I recommend the monofocal lens.  Tecnis has an informative web site you may want to check out. This site was recommended to me by JodieJ.   Good luck :)
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I had tentatively planned on getting the Tecnis monofocal set for distance. Your post is much appreciated because it answers my question about how closely one can see clearly. I presume you have the aspheric acetate 1-piece lens. Is that correct? Thanks again.
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