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I got hit in my left eye and now I see flashes in that eye.

So 2 weeks ago I got hit in the eye, I went to see an optometrist and was told I had a Subconjunctival Hemorrhage, I was given 2 eye drops to help with inflammation and the pain.The next day I started seeing flashes of light in my peripheral vision that last all day long even after the hemorrhage cleared up, before I got hit I already had floaters. I went back to the optometrist and she dilated my eyes and told me my retina was fine and my eye was healthy. It’s been almost 3 weeks and the constant flashing is really getting to me..I’m really depressed and I cry all the time, I just want to know what is happening and get my life back.. please someone help me
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And I forgot to add that I’m just 24yrs old
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Please treat this as an emergency. You need to see an Eye MD ophthalmologist NOT an optometrist.   If you live in a big city and you have an ophthalmology office that specializes in Retina/Vitreous Surgery & Diseases call them, they them trauma to eye and constant flashes. They will usually get you in same day. You may have a torn or detached retina.   An optometrist do not have the training or skill to see small holes/tears/retinal detachments.
Followed you advised and I had an OCT scan done.. the results came out and I was told my eyes were normal and everything looked healthy although I was told I was a bit astigmatic in the affected eye ( the eyes I got hit in) I was told to get a vitamin that could help and prescribed glasses to help with the astigmatism but they couldn’t explain why I was seeing the flashes. I’m just so tired. If my eyes are normal and healthy why am I seeing the flashes in my left eye as why does it ache so much?
You are asking questions I cannot answer with certainty for you.  Some people have flashes that occur with or without trauma that can persist for years without a torn or detached retina, I have seen scores of cases in my practice. All we can tell them is if something changes or new or different develops come in for re-exam.  There are so many causes of eye pain that I can't generalize. It's like guessing "What is causing my headache".   A considerable amount of eye pain does not come from the eye but other things such as sinus, dental, neurological, etc.  That is about as much as I can say in an internet forum.
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