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New Visual Disturbances in the Dark (blue/white light ring)

I am a 29 year old female.  Last October I went to the eye doctor to get new glasses and I was referred to an ophthalmologist due to high eye pressure in the mid to upper 20s, even low 30s.  
They did a dilated eye exam, mapping of my optic nerve, measured my cornea, etc.  They said that my cornea is really thick and my optic nerves are oddly shaped, but there is nothing to worry about at this time.  I was prescribed latanoprost which I took and my eye pressure had decreased as it should at my follow up visit in January.

Since then, I have undergone some heart testing due to having palpitations and I ended up going off of the latanoprost, with permission from my doctor.  I haven't noticed a large difference in my eyes until recently.

When in a dark room my vision is kind of staticky.  Upon waking up at night, or in the morning, the first couple times I blink my eyes there is a grey, see-through dot in my central vision in both eyes.  It goes away after a few seconds of blinking.  At other times, I see a bluish white ring of light in both eyes that also goes away with blinking.

I do have a lot of health-related anxiety, despite having good bloodwork, etc.  And I recently also started sleeping in a dark room, which I haven't prior.  

What could this be?  I am to schedule a follow-up with the ophthalmologist to discuss things since ending the latanoprost and I will be doing a visual field test in July.

I just want to hear others' experiences to calm my mind in the meantime.
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There are two problems here.

1. The ophthalmologist felt your intraocular pressure (IOP) needed treatment.  Studies done over the last 15 years especially in the last 5 CLEARLY SHOW THAT THE INITIAL TREATMENT FOR OPEN ANGLE GLAUCOMA SHOULD BE LASER (SELECTIVE LASER TRABECULOPLASTY OR SLT) NOT EYE DROPS.   So if you need treatment, especially at your age you need SLT not latanoprost.   BE SURE YOUR OPHTHALMOLOGIST KNOWS HOW TO DO A SLT, IF NOT ASK TO BE REFERRED TO ONE THAT DOES.
2. The clear dot you see in the morning when you wake up has been discussed here many, many times. It is due to the macula of the eye changing from dark vision adaptation (scotopic) to light adaptation (photopic)  the macula changes at a different rate than the peripheral retina accounting for the round central location.  This is a type of entoptic phenomena which accounts for many postings on this website.
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I've since been to the opthamologist regarding these new symptoms.  He told me my highest eye pressure at this visit was 24 and he did not put me back on the eye drops.  He thoroughly examined my eyes 2 times and then donned a head lamp and looked longer.  He said my eyes are perfectly healthy in appearance and he has no concerns.  
However, to be thorough, he had me do a shortened version of the visual field test.  It was my first time taking it.  It showed 19% vision loss in the lower  portion of my right eye and 6% loss of vision in my left eye.  
Despite my symptoms, and the results of these tests, he said he could find nothing concerning and the visual loss could be an error due to that being the first time I took the test.  
He wants me to follow up with the visual field test in July as he feels that will give a more accurate result.
Should I wait, or should I get a second opinion now?  
The standard visual field is automated and has a methodology to test for 'false positive"  (you pressed the button even though there was no stimulous) or false negative (you pressed when there was a stimulus you should have seen).  Thus by looking at the read out the ophthalmologist should have been able to tell if the test was valid.  It is entirely up to you and how comfortable you fill with this ophthalmologist.  Professionally I am not satisfied with putting a young person on latanoprost without doing a visual field first.  So on the basis of what you have posted here I would get a second opinion, to make it productive get copies of your previous office visits and all the tests done.
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