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New regular floater or Weiss ring?

Hi, I’m 38/F. I saw my ophthalmologist this past May 2018 for a yearly dilated exam & he said everything looked good. I am nearsighted in right eye (-4.00) 20/20 with glasses. I have a congenital cataract in left eye (20/400). I have had lots of floaters in both eyes for years now. About 2 weeks after seeing my eye doctor though, I noticed a new floater in my right eye. It’s a long squiggly transparent line that bends & swirls when I move my eyes. It almost makes a circular shape when I move them at times. I can blink it out for a few seconds then it comes back. Does this sound like a Weiss ring? Is a Weiss ring transparent? I don’t have flashes or a curtain over my eye. My right eye has been twitching a lot as well, could that be related?... Thanks for your help with questions I’ve asked in the past on here also...
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Hi - I would get it checked out but for reference, my Weiss ring is very dark and I can’t blink it out of the way. I do have a transparent floater in the other eye (no pvd in that eye yet).
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Yes it does sound like a Weiss ring which I have in my right eye also. Looks like a perfect circle but often they tear and look different. I finally got used to mine and don't see it unless I look for it.
Ok thanks for your reply... Should I make another appointment to be seen by my local ophthalmologist soon?
If you eye has not been checked since the large floater Developed then yes do go in for an exam.  Quickly if any flashes of light like lightening or loss of peripheral vision.
Thanks so much Dr. Hagan...
Sure best of luck.
Just figured I'd post a quick update for future readers who suffer from floaters, or those who have monocular vision as well. I saw my local opthamologist for a dilated exam today. He said that he didnt see any reintal tears or detachments as of now in my eye (right). He also said that he didn't see the new floater I'm seeing, as they are sometimes not always easy to see during exam. He also ordered an OCT scan which he said came back normal as well. I have to see my retina doctor (seen him past for vitreous degeneration) next month for a 10 year checkup. I will update then too after I see him...  
Thanks for the follow up.  In my clinic this morning I saw 4 patients that were worked in with complaints of sudden increase of floaters, so its a common problem.  
Thanks as well Dr. Hagan for your time & insights. This forum has been reassuring over the years & I enjoy reading your posts.
nice to hear
Just wanted to update again. I saw my retinal specialist for a 10 year checkup over my floaters and vitreous degeration in my eyes. He said all looked well, no retinal detachments or tears yet. He said 90% of vitreous had liquified in my right eye. Since 90 % has liquified, does that mean my risk of retinal tears goes down?

Also, before I saw the doctor, his intern took me in a room and did a scleral depression on me. Was this really necessary? I dont think she knew what she was doing either. She was applying a lot of pressure (to my good eye by the way) & it really hurt. Then she accidentally poked me in the eye with the scleral depressor. Are those sterile?! Ive had some anxiety after having the procedure done.. thanks...
Yes as more vitreous liquifies the risk of RD goes down. If 100% liquid no way of tugging on retina.  Scleral depression exams are uncomfortable, also the exam last longer in high risk patients (previous RD, symptoms, high myopia, family hx RD, etc.) The pressure is uncomfortable and the light also. I always apologize before I do the exam and tell them it will hurt.  The scleral depressor is clean but not sterile.  
Thanks Dr. Hagan :)
Sure, still better than a proctoscopy.
Ha ha ha ha, true!
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