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Old Contacts or Sarcoid Acting Up?

  Problem: My left eye takes a good 10-20 minutes to dilate after waking up. I'll have extra 'sleep' or eye booger  surrounding my eyes most mornings. When I first awake and look in the mirror sometimes there's a little extra liquid in my eye and if I touch it, the liquid is sticky. Sometimes during the day [while at work], my eye will make a little mucus that'll stick to the surface of my contact or hang around the bottom of the eyelid [which hasn't been the case as of the past month or so], which all I have to do is poke with my fingertip, and the mucus will stick right to my finger. The mucus [and 'sleep' or eye booger] is usually green.

Information: 21 year old, white, female, diagnosed with Sarcoidosis in 2006, wearing old contacts right now

Backstory:  In 2006 I was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis. Found out it was in my Kidneys and Eyes. In my Kidneys it was shutting them down, and in my Eyes there was a lot of [I'm pretty sure it was] protein floating around; they also started to not dilate, along with a little scarring. So for about a year afterward I was on Corticosteroids [Oh, and Iron pills for a handful of months, which we think I had low Iron due to the Sarcoid.]. After that year and one little mishap [I acquired Mono, therefor my Sarcoid fused with it (fused might be the wrong word) and I got an itchy, red rash over my entire body.],  I was told the Sarcoid was 'stable', and up until now, I've had no real health problems. Since 2008 I have not been to any type of doctor, whether it be eye, or even just a dentist [money-issues].
Recent: Since I haven't been to an eye doctor, but I wear contacts [oddly enough, my dogs ate/destroyed my glasses], I've been wearing this same pair for a year now; I want to say since July-ish 2008. I figure this is probably what's causing the problem, but until next month, I haven't had the money [and no insurance now, go figure] to go get more contacts and visit an Eye Doctor. Thus, I have this eye problem.

Question: Besides visiting an Eye Care Clinic, is there anything else that can be done temporarily? What's your opinion on my condition? How urgent is it that I go get my eye checked out? Anyone else with Sarcoid that wants to comment, your input is more than welcome.
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Oh, I mixed up my years. Sorry.

  I found out I had Sarcoid in 2005, not 2006, and it stabled out in the summer of 2006.
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You have an active infection-green discharge.  YOU NEED TO SEE AN ophthalmologist.

Dr. O.
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