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Permanently popped blood vessel in the eye?

I have researched everywhere regarding the topic of having a popped blood vessel in the eye. The majority of things I read say that the blood should be absorbed in a couple of days. But I don't know why my popped blood vessel is different. I have had it for over 4 years now. It really bothers me during spring, because it starts itching and pulsing.

It is on the side of my eye and it's just a red patch. The vessels seem to be clumped there. How can I cure it or get rid of it? I feel really self conscious because it looks scary. Is it possible to scrape/cut off that patch? Or is it not possible because you are not supposed to damage your blood vessels.

Is there anyway to make it fade back to the color white? Or at least not stand out so much? I have seen that there is a laser process. But what exactly happens during the laser process that "cures or heals" the broken blood vessel?
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It is not at all likely to be a "popped blood vessel" most likely it is a benign vascular growth called a "angioma". See an Eye MD for a definitive diagnosis.

Ask your family MD to refer you or go to www.geteyesmart.org

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Thanks for answering! But I just googled what angioma looks like, and my case looks more like a popped blood vessel. It's on the white part of my eye. And the blood vessels are pretty visibly clumped together.
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This sounds a lot like what i have. I have a large and visible blood vessel running from my tear duct to the iris, on both eyes. I've researched on the internet but have found nothing that explains what it could be. Ophtalmologists i've been to say it's conjuctival allergies, and the prescribed drops soften the redness of the blood vessels a little bit, but it doesn't go away. I've had this for at least 8 years now. It looks awful.
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