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Should I get an MRI sooner vs later?

I am an 8 year breast cancer survivor, I had a sarcoma.
2 weeks ago, I started seeing "spots" in my right eye. Its a purple-ish football spiining shpaed thing. Sometimes it's grey, but its always there and driving me batty. Its there even when my eye is closed.  

I went to the optometrist last Tuesday, she immediately sent me to an opthamologist. (I flunked the periphreal vision test (which was fine last year) and said I had a lot of swelling behind my retina.)  

The Optholmologist did another exam, and said I had optical migraines,with a touch of optical neuropathy. Blamed my diet, told me to cut back on caffeine & take Vit. B12.
Ive googled this to death...I dont have any headaches or pain! Its getting worse, not better.  

Im due for my MRI/scans in the late summer, should I call my oncologist and have them moved up? Im thinking the C word, just because once you have cancer, you think everythin g is cancer.
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Get a second opnion ASAP ideally with a neuro ophthalmologist (find one at www.aao.org)   Something does not compute in the findings and what you were told.

Also check with your oncologist.

You likely will need a head MRI

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Thank you for your response. I have called my oncologist & they are scheduling the MRI.
Everything I have googled says that visual auras from optic migraines only last a few hours at the most. This has now been going on for 2 weeks, and is getting worse, even though I followed the Opthamolgists orders and drastically cut my caffeine intake, and started taking Vitamin B12.

Thanks Again.
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