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Should I go to the doctor? My same eye has been getting puffy every so often.

It's always my right eye. The only other symptoms has been a little itchy (if I scratch it gets puffier) and a little redness. I just got it again and this time it's a lot more red. No pain ever though and my vision is the same unless it gets too puffy and blocks my eye which it only did the first time it happened because I kept itching it. It's just concerning to me that it's the same time. I want to say it's happened 4 or 5 times in a little less than a year. It always goes away within a few days or a little longer.
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If you have not had a complete medical eye exam by an Eye MD ophthalmologist during the last year in which you told her/him about the problem yes see an Eye MD.
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Thanks I just scheduled an appointment. I only have vision insurance which I know they don't take but better to be safe
Generally speaking swelling of the eyelids or sometimes the surface of the eye that comes up quickly is an allergy. Because things like hay fever affect both eyes if it is just one eye it is usually something the eye has come in contact with (contact allergy). So something gets on your hands, you rub your eye and get an allergic swelling. But having an eye exam is good idea.
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