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Slightly Distorted Vision and Black Dot all of a sudden


I have the following eye problem for the past 2 weeks:

The vision in my right eye is just barely distorted (just off my center line of sight).  It is a bit annoying because it uncomfortably distorts my perception (my left eye sees everything perfectly, while my right eye is perfect except for the blurriness right out of my sight of vision).  Every time I blink my right eye, I see a black dot right in the center of my eye for maybe a quarter of a second (and then it goes away).  I only notice the black dot when I am in a well lit place or during the day.  I do not have any pain associated with any of this.  About 2 months ago I saw an eye doctor and I did not have any problems.  I am currently 28 years old.  Lastly, I am racking my brain trying to find out what could have caused this and I honestly cannot think of anything except for the following:  About 2 weeks ago a tiny miniscule drop of boiling water splashed into my right eye and it created a sharp pain for a couple seconds.  Could this even have caused it?  I didn't notice anything wrong with my eye immediately after this--it is the only thing I can think of off hand.

I currently live overseas at the moment and a doctor is not around to check my eyes.  Hopefully the information above gives enough information for an accurate guess.  

Please advise and thank you for your time,
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I had that previously and believe me, the doctor told me when I finally went for check up
that I should have came in sooner but that I was lucky.  It healed on its own.  He said I had torn my retena,  black spots are the blood and later become white and you have floaters.   Go see a doctor, quick.
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The boiling water would not do that. Read about amsler grid testing, print out a grid and test you eye daily. You should see an eye MD ideally a retina specialists as you may have serious disease of the macula.

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