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vision problems

I am 22 years old girl from asian country. I am having so many vision problems since I was 17 years old. the problems are getting worse and worse all of my symptoms happens in both of my eyes I am myopic I have 1 in right eye and o.5 in left eye

1) floaters they are the first symptoms they came as smaller one then they got big as time passes I really got used to them but i got them in my both eyes at the same time

2) flashes they are the scariest one I got them with floaters I still have flashes I get flashes in overall vision I don't know why but I got flashes in my centre or near center vision too but I got tiny flashes in center vision and big flashes in peripheral vision I read on internet that pvd flashes doesn't last long for like 5 years and also pvd flashes comes in only peripheral vision I also read that you get flashes if your rod and cone are damaged I don't know why I am getting this flashes

3) black spots I have them in peripheral vision they will come as one the I got second one and then I got third one it's like that i don't get them together they stays in my vision for 5 or 6 days then disappear on it's own  I can only see these black
spots when close my eyes then open it and only in light environment then after this black spots go away I get tiny black spot in my centre vision again I can only see it in light environment they also disappear on it's own I have this in both of my eyes but at different times first I got it in my left eye then after they disappeare after 2 or 3 days I got the same black spot but different in shape and place in my right eye from 3 months continously I got them they stay in my vision for some time then go away on it's own then they again come back

4) afterimages I got afterimages staying in my vision for long time I got led lights afterimage stay in my vision for 30 min to 1 hour and I got sun afterimage stay in my vision for 1 week it happened when I was driving without my sunglasses

4) amsler grid I see slightly wavy lines and lines vibrates more then being wavy and also sometimes the lines goes missing for 1 second like the dot will be visible but the lines around it will go blank for 1 or 2 second then comes back it happened one or two time

I have permanent black spot that behaves like floater but It only moves with my eye movements like if i look left to right it will come to right after 5 second it will disappear it also flash like light I have it for 3 years

I also have permanent bright spot when blinking one in each eye can only see it in bright or dim environment one is there for 5 years and one is there for 2 years

during this time i have slightly inceease in my prescription like 0.25 I got my eye number at first was 0.75 then it increase to 1

last winter i got vernal keratoconjunctivitis in my both eyes it is limbal type of vkc I was on steroids for 1 month it is still there but not worse as before I also given artificial tear to use it I search the cause of vkc and some of the post said it is connected with autoimmune diseases I really got scared

I have seen different eye doctors they all are ophthalmologist from nice reputed hospital  
they did test like sclere depression and slit lamp exam and fundus image test I also got nervous when I go to hospital and I forget to tell so many of my symptoms they all said my eyes are ok

but I know something is not okay and doctor I might think i have something serious going on like autoimmune  retinopathy or rp or Ms I am just so scared I wanted to go to abroad for study but because of all of this issue I got scared and I forgot that dream of mine please help me what should I do what are all of this symptoms are please please help me
ps: sorry for the long post and sorry for my broken english I am not a native english speaker
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Your collection of symptoms are highly unusual and it would be unlikely that there is one disease causing all those symptoms. Some of you posts are not suggestive of anything serious, while others are worrisome. First you are only slighly myopic so you are not at high risk for high myopia (greater than -6.00 diopters). Some of you symptoms suggest the possibility of  ocular migraines (which often don't have headaches).  They do not suggest retinitis pigmentosa. An autoimmune retinopathy should be easy to diagnose looking in the eye with dilated pupils. These would be my suggestions:  1 If you are nervous print out this list of symptoms and take it to your next eye exam.  2. If you have access to a neuro-ophthalmologist schedule an appointment. Get the records from your previous eye exams and take in (retain copies for yourself) 3. tests you will need include visual field exam, color vision, amsler grid, macular and optic nerve OCT    If neuro-ophthalmologist not available then ophthalmologist with specialty in vitreous/retina. You may also need ERG and fluoroscene angiogram.  Good luck.
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first of all thank you so much doctor for answering my questions in really short amount of time. I am thinking to visit the eye doctor very soon and the hospital is based on only retina disease so I thought it would be nice to go to that hospital. I am just scared for two of my main  symptoms first is flashes and  second one is the afterimages. I am very bad at eating healthy do you think vitamin a deficiency cause them. what do you think and again thank you for giving answer in short time I will try to get all of this test done and I wish everything comes out normal I wish
I think it unlikely a vitamin deficiency is the cause, but you can always start an inexpensive daily multi-vitamin.  Do you have any neurological or unusual eye disorders in your family sugch as migraines, seizure disorder, auto-immunine disorders?
no doctor my mom and dad both have good eye health I mean as per their age they have both nearsightedness and farsightedness issue and they also don't have cataract yet yeah about autoimmune diseases they got the body profile done every 3 months by blood test but they never done ana test so we never know. that is why I am scared that I might have it because the afterimages are really bad I think so they get worse after covid like I stayed in my house for so many months without getting sun in my vision and when I get out and my afterimages started staying long.
Okay, my recommendations are what I would suggest you consider.
okay doctor I will get these test done thank you
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