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flashes in vision after staring in dark

hello doctor
I am 21 years old girl. I am having vision problems from last 5 years.It all started with floaters , flashes and light sensitivity. I still have all of these symptoms but they are very much worse. my question is that I have flashes which can be seen with eye movements, when I get up from sitting, when I bend over then stand back up, when I close my eyes hard but today I have flashes when I was in dim light room, there was a mirror and I was thinking something or I don't know so I stare at the mirror.i was not  doing any movements.I was just sitting still then suddenly I started having flashes in vision it happened in both of my eyes. the shape of the flashes are very irregular but most of time they were in | or oval shape like this straight line shape. they are small and also big. their intensity are same but sometimes I occasionally do gets bright big flashes in perperipheral vision and they stays in my vision for 1 or 2 minutes and this type of flashes also have  purple afterimages and when I close my eyes I see yellow spot where that big flashes is.
Doctor please tell me why I am getting this flashes? does vitreous detachment  cause flashes by just staring at something in dark?
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You can only be sure this is not a serious problem, retina related by seeing an eye MD ophthalmologist for an exam of your retina with pupils dilated and using a test called scleral depression. If you have access to an Eye MD specializing in retina/vitreous that would be even better. Your symptoms do warrant this type of examination.
thank you for your answer doctor
I did have that test when they looki nto the eyes with big light and also had Fundus Photography Test 2 months ago everything was normal. the eye doctor was vitreous/ retina specialist. does this type of flashes are serious?
I not a dr but a patient who has had retina detachment in each eye.   If these are new symptoms since last exam, don’t hesitate to contact ophthalmologist asap.  
yes I am going to see my doctor tomorrow
can you please tell me like  did you have flashes just by staring at something?
and did you also have flashes which are big and leave purple afterimage but you can still see it with your eyes closed it stays in your  vision for 1 minute?
I am sorry for bothering you guys but I am so scared and I have flashes for 5 years but never have this type of flashes
please help me
Feel free to review my posts from 2017/18.   The fact that you state you are scared and never had this type of flashing says get in to eye md and get in now.   I would consider it emergency.  Best case is it’s nothing.  Worst case it is an issue but it will be handled before sight is lost.   Good luck
oh okay I will check and yes I am going tomorrow I wish everything is okay
thank you
Dave: what kind of 'eye doctor' are you seeing?  As I indicated needs to be Eye MD ophthalmologist, ideally with retina/vitreous training.
yes doctor
he is vitreous/retina specialist and he have M.S., F.R.C.S. degrees. I don't know what it means I am just sharing the info.he is in this  field for more than +20 years and doctor I am from india
thank you for your concern
BEST OF LUCK. let us know how it turns out
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