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What Could be Causing Excessive Eye Watering?

Mid-September my left eye started watering. I thought it might resolve by itself, but it didn't after a month. Made an appointment with my ophthamologist. He gave me some Systane drops an told me to gently massage my eyelid. After 2 weeks, there was no improvement. Now my right eye is watering a bit more than usual, but the left eye, tears run down my face and my vision has become extremely blurry. If there was a problem that was obvious liek a blocked duct, I assume the doctor would have said something. Any opinions?
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watery eyes are an extremely common problem and often very difficult to diagnose. When one eye waters but not the other and the tears flow over the eyelid and down the cheek a blocked tear duct is one of the causes.  The fact the ophthalmologist asked you to massage your lid indicates that was one of the things being considered.  To make a definitive diagnosis often a special type of eye MD called an oculoplastic surgery has to do what are called "dye tests" and may need to probe or irrigate the tear duct. If you have access to an oculoplastic surgeon I would consult one. If not and you liked the eye MD you saw return and ask for further testing and/or a referral to oculoplastic surgeon.
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Thank you for the informative reply.
You are welcome. That was posted a year ago. Hope you are better.
It comes and goes. I can go hours without overflow, then it will start for no apparent reason and last a few minutes. At times I have saturated a facial tissue.
I would see an oculoplastic surgeon to rule out blocked tear ducts.
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