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What are the actual reasons behind -ve cylindrical power in kids?

We did and eye test for our 6.9 yr old kid. It was prescribed that he has -ve cylindrical power of 0.5 and 0.75 for left eye and right eye resp. I understood from the many answers of yours that this is with the shape of the cornea. Is this by birth? or is it due to too much strain or TV?  
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A glasses RX had 3 numbers    Sphere      cylinder    axis      Since you don't give all of these it does not tell me how strong the glasses are. that is not much astigmatism at all now.  Send the rest of the glasses RX.  You can be born with astigmatism or it can develop during life and often changes during life.  Since people are born with it TV is not a cause.
Thank you for replying.  Below is the prescription:
EYE                  RIGHT EYE LEFT EYE
SPHERICAL        0.00 0.00
CYLINDRICAL       -0.50 -0.75
AXIS                          180 160
AP                                    - -
This is a very WEAK prescription with a tiny amount of astigmatism. Many children DO NOT require glasses for this small of amount as long as their uncorrected vision is monitored carefully by an Eye MD or optometrist.  This glasses RX tells nothing about the health of the eye or the visual acuity with or without the glasses all key information.

I also see another column with 'VISION' . It says below for both left and right eye:
Distance :   6/6
Near:            N6

As you suggested, we will try to consult an Eye MD or optometrist. Thank you so much.
That is normal distance vision in meters.  I don't know the normal near vision in meters.   Most important thing is it WITH or WITHOUT glasses.   Do seek clarification.  Adjusting to glasses at age 7 can be difficult so you want to be sure they are really needed.
Sure doc. Thank you.
Best of luck
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