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What is considered a 'mild' macular pucker ?

I had a retinal dettachment last year and went to vitrectomy / gas / lasering.

Eye was stable since then but in the last weeks vision got blurred and i was told i had a macular pucker.

So far the surgeon recommends just wait while the symptons are 'mild'.

So my question is, what could be considered 'mild' ? Currently i have blurred vision and a bit of distortion. Both things end up compensated by my other eye, but if i test only the 'pucker' eye, my vision quality really decreased a lot, the sharpness of my vision is gone.

If i wait more to do surgery will i loose the 'window' to improve my vision ?
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macular puckers are caused epiretinal macular membranes (ERM), the surgery is difficult and not high success like cataract/eye implant.  Especially if you retinal detachment was 'macula off' the surgeon will like recommend waiting until you are considerably worse for example best corrected vision worse than 20/200  Each case is different not possible to generalize. What is important is that if you have a RD in one eye the chances of RD in the other eye go up dramatically. (4-10%0 in some cases. Do everything you can to keep your good eye good. (health lifestyle, no contact sports, eye protection, annual exam by an ophthalmologist and immidately see ophthalmologist with new floaters, flashes or loss of field of vision.
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